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10 Things You Must Not Forget To Do For Your CNY Preparations!


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Source: FoodPanda, Charles & Keith & Any5354

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We’re just two days away from Chinese New Year and the festive rush is real! Whether you’re still slaving away at work, driving home for the festivities or doing last minute shopping, check out this list of 10 things you should prepare before celebrations begin!

1. An angpow bag or pouch

It doesn’t matter if you’re receiving or giving angpows this year; having an angpow-sized bag or pouch to keep the angpows will make everything 10x cuter and more fun. It’s a bit like Santa’s bag of gifts, except smaller and more fashionable!

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We love the Bunny Tweed Shoulder Bag from Charles & Keith and the Monochrome Clutch in Camel from Pedro.

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2. Plasters

If you’re planning to wear heels, especially brand new ones, it’s highly likely that you’ll suffer some form of blister or wound on your feet. So, during this time of distress, plasters will be your best friend.

121072711 Hansaplast Aqua Protect Front.1 1


It is essential that you choose prevention before cure, which means sticking on the plasters even BEFORE you obtain any wound. For that, we recommend the Hansaplast Aqua Protect in 20 pieces. Even when you’re sweating and walking around the entire day, this WILL NOT budge!

3. Answers for your relatives

As much as you don’t like it, you know this cannot be avoided. If you’ve gained a few extra kgs, they’ll ask why you’re so fat now. If you’ve managed to stick to your fitness goals, they’ll ask when you’re getting married.

The fact is that you cannot escape from your kepoh uncles and aunties. So why not make it a bit more bearable by preparing your answers in advance? 

Aiyo Girl Why Still Not Married


If the question is about why you’re still single, unmarried and childless, just say that you want to focus on your career first.

And if it’s a comment about your weight, just say, “Thank you. My mummy has been cooking a lot of good food for me.”

4. A practised smile or laugh

While it is okay to feel down even during the festive season, you don’t want to be the party pooper at an open house where everyone is in high spirits.

Giphy 6


So, make sure you have a go-to smile or laugh for when you want to leave a situation. You can always use it to quietly leave a table and sneak out of a room, avoid questions you may not want to answer and respond to your uncle’s unfunny joke. 

5. How to address your relatives 

Besides putting on a smile and knowing how to answer nosy questions, another thing that you should know that is arguably the most important of them all is how to address all your relatives!



We’re not like the angmohs who can simply call their elders by their names. For every position there is on the family tree, trust that we have a title for it. So, go ask your parents now if you don’t know these titles!

6. Gambling and mahjong knowledge

There’re two types of players every CNY. Those who learnt as kids how to gamble and play mahjong and those who weren’t allowed to join in as kids so they try to pick it up every year but can never remember the game rules.



If you’re the latter, this is the year to get some skills! There’re plenty of resources online that teach you how to play basic card games and mahjong, but if you ask us, the best way is to learn as you go. Learning while playing with your family is also a great opportunity to bond. 

7. Card set

Now, even if you know how, you can’t play cards without actually having cards! Playing cards pretty much all look the same. However, these days, many brands like to put their own spin on the classic card design by adding certain logos and new illustrations to the cards, like this Pixar-themed one.


Evidently, it’s a bit difficult trying to get these specialty cards so last minute. But if you still want to buy some cards, head on over to Ace Cards & Collectibles in Mid Valley or a Sports Direct outlet to purchase a deck of playing cards.

8. Loose change

Nowadays, plenty of transactions are done using cards or e-wallets. But you can’t do that when you’re betting money in a game of Twenty-One! Well, technically you can just transfer some money to whomever is winning but it just doesn’t hit the same when you’re not using physical banknotes.


So, go dig up some loose change from your old piggybank or worst case scenario, pull out some cash from your angpow.

9. Shoes that’re easy to remove

House visiting is all fine and dandy until you have to spend five minutes unbuckling or untying your shoe straps every time you enter a new house. Before you know it, you’d be all sweaty with makeup melting off your face. It is NOT a vibe.

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So, to prevent that from happening, opt for some slip-on footwear like this Blake Leather Slip-On Loafers from Pedro and slide-on strappy heels or pumps like these Strappy Heel Slides by Nose.

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10. The food

Finally, we can’t forget the food! Going to the supermarket, your local bakery or mini mart to get those last minute cookies, packet drinks and beer will not be the most pleasant experience because of the insane crowds. But you know what they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Chinese New Year Cookies And Snacks


For CNY cookies, we know that not everyone can order from like, the best bakery. In fact, they’re probably already closed for orders. So, your best bet is to buy from a bakery near you, a hypermarket like Lotus, a chain cookie brand like Famous Amos or from food delivery services like GrabFood and FoodPanda.

As for the packet drinks and beer, just head to your nearest supermarket and grab them by the carton! 


We hope you manage to get everything in time for CNY! Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!


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