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10 Things Most Malaysian Fangirls Do



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As human beings we are full of love. So much we can’t help to pour them into celebrities and even fictional characters. It’s amazing being a fangirl, even if you’re a dude. If you’re into fandoms, you know what I’m talking about.

Here are some of the things we fangirls do:


1. Gasp whenever we catch a glimpse of their image

Whether if it’s a poster, movie scene, advertisement or whatever their face may be on, we inevitable gasp out loud when see them.



You know what I’m talking about. Being in love with them isn’t enough, WE NEED TO FEEL CLOSER TO THEM AND EXPRESS OUR LOVE OUT THERE.

We buy almost every merchandise we can afford.


3. Freak out at literally anything


Not matter how unnecessary other people might think it was, it wasn’t. They just don’t understand.


4. Freak the f*** out some more

When we finish watching a super cute video of them or we find out our idol is coming down to where we live, we will put on our best behaviour and..


5. Fall in love with everything they do

Our idols have almost no flaws at all. Can they be anymore perfect? Like how perfect their hair looks even though it was probably their worst hair day, or how great his smile was although there was a piece of vegetable wedged between their teeth?

Seriously, can they be anymore perfect???


6. Stalk them on every social media

We practically know when their birthday is, where they are born, their next movie and everything else you can find online. Never underestimate a fangirl. Trust me, we know everything.


7. Hug your favourite KPOP star and be threatened for arrest from JAWI

You’d think it’s the best day of your life when you get close to your favourite idol, let alone get to hug them.

But no, JAWI just had to ruin your day by threatening an arrest because of that. Urghhh lame. #potongstim


8. Set them as your background as much as possible

Your lappy, mobile phone’s backdrop or Facebook cover photo is stamped with their perfect face for you to admire whenever you please.


9. Dream that one day you’ll meet them

and that they will probably fall in love with you and you guys live happily ever after.


10. Die when you find out they have a bf/gf

One of the most painful things we have to go through: when your bae finds themselves another bae </3


All in all, being a fangirl is amazing.

and we will never trade it for anything else.

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