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10 Reasons Malaysians Lose Contact With Their Primary School Friends



10 Reasons Malaysians Lose Contact With Your Primary School Friends - World Of Buzz

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With social media nowadays, it’s pretty easy to keep in contact with people you’ve met even for a short while. However, back then, we didn’t have these online platforms to help out with your primary school circle.

Although some may still be in touch with some of them, here are some reasons why you ultimately don’t.


1. You only remember their face, not their name.

things dc aaron leaving tell

After so long, when you see a familiar face on the street and you don’t remember his/her name, it can be really awkward because  all you can say is ‘hey hello long time no see’ but can never call out the name.

So, too avoid being no manners, when you see your primary school friend somewhere and you can’t recall their name, you walk pass quietly.


2. You don’t even remember their existence in your life.

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‘Hey! Do you remember me?’ The most-frequent-asked-question by someone you meet on street whom you may or may not see before and all you can reply is ‘Erm… no?’ Not like you don’t want to be nice, but you just can’t remember if you know them, ever.


3. Gathering is boring.


Primary school friends’ gathering happens once in awhile. You went, and everyone starts to ask – how are you, what are you doing now? etc. Basically questions that you pretend you are interested in. To be honest, those are the only questions for the night.

You know what’s worst? The boys that huddle together and talk about Dota non-stop.


4. You can never erase the silly things they did in primary.


We did silly things in our childhood. Not like we are bad in forgetting and forgiving, but some friends, you just can’t see them normally anymore with the things they did in primary school.


5. You are always ‘BUSY’

muppets miss piggy busy interrupt

Yum Cha or mamak session never happens because you are always busy with ‘things’. I don’t know, maybe we all have the I-am-scared-to-see-old-friends-syndrome. Orrrrr the I’m-too-lazy-and-idgaf-syndrome.


6. They call you up to sell you insurance

Well, no doubt nowadays people don’t just meet up for nothing. If they suddenly ask you out either through social media or phone call after so long, beware, they MAY have the intention to sell you ‘something’. I would know, I’ve experienced it first hand.



7. To avoid the awkward silence

We are now in our twenties and primary school life is like 10 years ago. It is a huge gap. SO, every time you meet up with the old friend you weren’t too close with, conversations do not last and it always ended up with an awkward smile. This may sometimes even occur for used-to-be close friends that just drifted away and both your interests changed.


8. You have new friends

True that friends in primary school are now old friends and you have a whole new circle of friends in your life now. It’s not that you don’t want to spend time with them, but it’s just a whole different social group. Plus the effort to meet up with them can sometimes get pretty frustrating.


9. You’ve changed into a better person

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10 years are enough for you to change into a better person. You’ve turned into this beautiful butterfly or at least you think you did.

You just don’t like to be reminded about your past, especially the stupid and embarrassing things you’ve done. AND who remember your past the most? Your primary school friends.


10. We moved on

We moved on in life. And especially growing up, you’ll have enough on your own plate that you’ll have to deal with. Some close friends since primary would be kept but in general, you just don’t wanna keep being stuck in the past.

Stay forward and if one day we meet again, that’s fate. So, farewell primary school friends. Till we meet again!

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