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10 Luxurious Items You Wish You Could Afford



10 Luxurious Items You Wish You Could Afford - World Of Buzz 2

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Everyone, should they properly admit it, wishes they could own certain items only the rich can afford to buy – or at least dream about what it’s like and wonder what all the fuss is about. Here, we highlight on one such wealthy individual, none other than our beloved Datin Paduka Rosmah Mansor, on the things this very fashionable lady’s got.

Discretion: This article is reports on the estimated value of the items from several online sources, also we do not want to instill nor create any hate nor controversy.


1. Fuschia Hermes Birkin handbag


This luxury crocodile skin circa 2014 Hermes Birkin features real diamonds encrusted in 18 karat gold detailing. At such a price, the handbag is officially the most expensive handbag to be sold in an auction. It was sold to an anonymous bidder by phone, confirmed possibly as a private Asian collector. We are not indication that it was our FLOM, but dang, we are getting green with envy seeing her own such a rare piece.

Price: RM 820,000


2. Hermes Himalayan Crocodile Birkin


Paired with 18-karat white gold hardware and encrusted with 200+ white round brilliant diamonds, this bag is one of the most expensive Birkins to date. This rare gem is so exclusive that it is no longer available in the market.

Price: RM 1,500,000


3. Red Hermes Crocodile Skin Birkin


And here’s one of her sporting another Birkin similar to one of the most expensive of these handbag. This is said to have been auctioned at about RM 760,000. We could go on and on about her bags because we know our fashionable lady is an avid collector of Birkins, but you get the gist.

Price: RM 760,000


4. Hublot BB Black Magic 114 Diamonds with specially ordered ‘tutti frutti’ band


Cleverly modified with a ‘tutti frutti’ band, Datin Seri Rosmah made the edgy Hublot watch into something more feminine and it is clearly working. The watch is made in polished black ceramic for its casing and is set with 114 diamonds weighing a total of +/- 1.18 carats.

Price: RM 79,200


5. Limited Edition Franck Muller Master Square Date Diamonds


She was spotted wearing one of these luxury watches when attending a ceremony in Vietnam recently. The watch is noticeably special and unique due to its face being encrusted with real diamonds and gems, with a goldish band to match her clothes and other pieces of jewelry.

Price: RM 350,000


6. Richard Mille Lady RM 007


Aka ‘Diamond Cruncher’, the watch gleams in its glorious features. It has crystals on its bezel side and on its case, while the interior is professionally set with glistening diamonds. Not everyone can rock the luxurious watch in style like our first lady.

Price: RM 486,000


7. Natural Fancy Blue Gray Cushion Cut Diamond Ring


The price of this USD 8 million ring is sure to send any body’s eyebrows to the roof. This particular ring was from the New York based fine jewellers Jacob & Co. Although it was reported that the ring is not own by our FLOM as it was shipped here for viewing and inspection purposes only, one can’t imagine what it must be like to be able to afford such luxury. Of course, the ring was sent back about a month later. Well, according to Jacob & Co., our FLOM’s daughter’s mother in-law, for whom the ring is purportedly for, is a cherished customer and so such a service is the norm for the luxury fine jewellers company.

Price: RM 24,000,000


8. Nineteen pieces of ruby, emerald, diamond jewellery


Reported to have been ordered from Hong Kong in between 2008 to 2009, within three months, the jewelry collection in question include:

  • 7 Diamond rings, one of it costing USD1.5 million
  • 4 Diamond earrings
  • 2 Diamond bracelets
  • 3 Diamond necklaces
  • 1 Emerald ring
  • 1 Emerald bracelet
  • 1 Ruby bracelet

Price: RM13,000,000


9. Hairdressing services and tailor made clothes

Who doesn’t want an outfit tailored to your own body shape? In light of the enforcement of the GST, our FLOM spoke out as a representative of Malaysian housewives, shedding light on the issue of the price hike on hairstyle home services, saying that now her hair-dyeing and styling services she orders has come up to the price of RM1,200 each time. She also lamented about the tailors hiking their prices to RM500 per piece ordered.

Price: RM1,200 & RM500 each


10. Bangles from Jacob & Co. Zebra Safari Collection



Our trendy Datin Seri was spotted sporting a pair of these glamorous zebra bangles from Jacob & Co. This particular bangle features 1,712 black and white diamond stones in 18k white gold.

Price: RM 1,650,000

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