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10 Crazy Things You’ll Never Believe This Malaysian is Selling Online



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Thank God for the internet, everything you need is just within your fingers’ reach. From clothings, accessories, gadgets and so much more!

Apparently, aside from your usual products, you can now also buy or sell just about ANYTHING on this mobile app, Shopee.

We’ve recently managed to stumble upon several listing that’s going viral in Malaysia. Here they are:


Rent My Buddy To Be Your Boyfriend


User uptownfunk from mobile app Shopee recently posted an incredible product. We are not sure if he’s kidding or just creative, but he uploaded his very own friend to be rented out!

What?? Apa? Nani???

Yes, he actually posted his own friend.


Here’s a very entertaining description of this ‘product’:

Introducing my multi-talented New Zealander buddy who is ready to spice up your life and sweep you off your feet!!!



Many others have also stumbled upon his post and got in on the fun, flocking in to write in enquiries about the product which were just as entertaining. We also wrote in one 😛  (go and leave him more! just don’t say it was from us who said so)

Here’s some of them:




View the product here


Later, we did a little bit of stalking (a little bit only la), and found that it wasn’t the only wacky post from uptownfunk. Here are a few more others. Some are pretty cool too!


The Flying F**k


All you vulgar people’s prayers are answered. Now you can literally give anyone a flying f***.

View the product here


A Well Balanced Breakfast

breakfast 5

Not a morning person? or maybe you’re just plain lazy? Order one to go!

OP notes that: Every set ordered is different. Portion of meal is highly dependent on yo face! 

View the product here


Yesterday’s Half Eaten Burger

burger 3

Instead of throwing away your half eaten burger and have it go to waste, might as well try your luck and sell it online right?

OP states: My leftovers from yesterday’s dinner. The type of burger totally depends on what I was having.

View the product here


Bacon Bandages

bacon bandages

Halal or non-halal? That is the question.

OP’s describes that very few people know the amazing healing powers that bacon possesses. Bacon is so powerful, in fact, they now make bacon bandaids to help quickly heal your open cuts and wounds.

View the product here


Downtown Air Guitar

viral product 1

Aspire to be one of them cool kids that rock the guitar but lack the skills for it? Not to worry because these air guitars are very easy to play. You will never have to worry about playing another bad note again.

OP’s note: If your life has not been blessed with appearances of the opposite sex and sadly enough not even with the same sex, then the dream machine is for you. Nothing says “i’m a virgin” like the new Downtown Air Guitar.

View the product here


Skull Shot Glass

Nothing says badass like one of these bad boys. Besides, wouldn’t it look uber cool when you’re sipping the top of a skull?

View the product here


Chewing Gum Lighter

chewing gum lighter

These adorable disguised packets of chewing gum don’t only look good, but are functional. Just make sure you don’t use it in Singapore though!

View the product here 


Dick Mug


Come now, who doesn’t like slurping hot liquid from a dick mug? Besides, it’s the perfect gift for your douchy colleague.


Rude Lettering

fucking chris

What better way to wish people other than with vulgar words? Uptownfunk crafts your customized messages in beautiful lettering to be delivered to your friends, family members or enemies of your choice.

View the product here 


We’re not sure if his Shopee post is serious or just for laughs, but whatever it is, it got everyone amused so stay tune for more stuff from him here.

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