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WATCH: Shocking Hit & Run Incident in Puchong Shows Proton Saga Ramming Motorcycle Carrying Pregnant Lady



WATCH: Shocking Footage Caught Proton Saga Ramming Motorcycle With Pregnant Lady Rider in Puchong - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter
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Motorcyclists and drivers have always existed in an uneasy peace here in Malaysia. However, we would never go out of our way to hurt each other – or so we’d like to believe.

In shocking footage posted by Twitter account 999 Malaysia (@999malaysia), a teal Proton Saga Iswara was captured in dashcam footage knocking a couple – including a pregnant lady – off their motorcycle on a stretch of road near a Chinese school in Ayer Hitam, Puchong.

The footage, which the account said came from one Mariam Rahmat, shows the Saga driving normally till it takes a left turn down a quiet street. After a few seconds of driving, the Saga comes across the motorcycle, which is carrying the couple. In what appears to be a deliberate, malicious action, the Sage pulls up beside the motorcycle and proceeds to swerve into it, knocking the couple down.

The car then speeds off and the footage ends as the dashcam owner is urged by their lady companion to pull over and help.

Source: Twitter

Unfortunately, no additional information about the Saga is available at this time as the video quality and poor lighting make it hard to see the licence plate number. No additional information about the victims has been made available yet, so watch this space for further updates on this case.

This is really terrible, and if it was really done on purpose, the driver should be put in jail! Hopefully the lady and her baby are okay :(.


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