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Watch: Live Octopus Attaches Itself Tightly on Woman’s Face After She Tries to Eat It



Woman Attempts to Eat Live Octopus, Gets Sucked by It Until She Bleeds - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: YouTube

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Seafood is a common favourite among people all around the world – although certain kinds of seafood require a different level of appreciation. Of all the various ways of serving seafood, one has to admit that one of the best ways to enjoy seafood is to have it raw – provided it is fresh and not kept in the refrigerator for too long. However, some people like it just a little too raw.

I’m sure you have seen those videos of people attempting to swallow what looks like tiny octopus tentacles that, although detached from the body, are still squirming about on the plate. These brave individuals often dip the moving squid pieces into some soy sauce before popping it into their mouth and chewing quickly in an attempt to prevent the squid tentacles from attaching themselves onto their tongue or throat.

Source: YouTube

Although this might work for smaller squids, or squids sliced small enough to eat, a woman who lives in the city of Lianyungang, in Jiangsu province, thought she could handle eating an octopus bigger than her head. Identified as “Seaside Girl Little Seven” on social media, the vlogger often livestreams herself eating seafood – until one day, she decided to take it a step further.

In a 50-second clip posted on Coconuts, Seaside Girl can be seen holding a fairly large octopus near her face, probably planning to take a bite off one of its tentacles. However, things go downhill from there as the octopus starts attaching itself onto the left side of her face causing the girl’s laughter to turn into cries of pain.

Source: YouTube

Initially amused, Seaside Girl exclaims, “Look at how hard it’s sucking!” before screaming,

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts! I can’t get it off, I can’t get it off! Oh my God!” 

She then attempts to detach it from her face by tugging at the octopus’s body, only to realise that it is harder than she thought. It is not known if the creature was still alive as octopus tentacles are known to remain active even after the animal is dead, but it was attached so tightly to the girl’s lips, cheeks and eyelids that she couldn’t help but cry and shriek in pain.

After struggling for about 30 seconds, Seaside Girl finally manages to detach the animal from her face and tells her viewers that she’ll eat it in the next video.

Source: YouTube

However, the battle between the octopus’s tentacles and the girl’s face proved to be somewhat damaging as the girl’s face started to form droplets of blood – which the octopus had managed to draw out with its powerful suction cup-equipped tentacles.

Source: YouTube

Netizen’s reactions were mostly unsympathetic, with many calling her “stupid” while others expressed concern for the octopus.

Watch the horrifying ordeal here:

Looks awfully painful!

Do you think the girl should attempt to eat the octopus again? Or do you think she should know better than to do such a thing after what happened? Let us know in the comments below.


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