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“Venice of Japan” in Kyoto is A Hidden Gem Everyone Has To Visit



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We know a lot of the mainstream must-go destinations in Japan, but what about some of the land’s well kept secrets?

A beautiful little fishing village in Kyoto was dubbed “Venice of Japan” for its spectacular and picturesque surrounding.

Located on the shore of Ine Bay in Kyoto Prefecture is a group of 230 boat houses known as funaya. Known as Ine no Funaya, or The Boat Houses of Ine, the wooden buildings are built on the water’s edge and feature garage-like openings which act as boat moorings for their residents.


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These marvelous houses are quaint and are not flooded with tourists so it’s the perfect getaway if you’re looking somewhere quiet to relax and soak in nature’s beauty.

The two-storey houses feature living quarters upstairs and a bay on the ground floor with direct access to the water and space for a boat and equipment.


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It even looks great when it’s gloomy. Adding a more solemn touch to the village.


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You can see how the area is used for drying fish, maintaining nets and making preparations for fishing trips.


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With its cluster of wooden huts, the area is breathtakingly picturesque. While it was once primarily a fishing town, more and more boathouses are now being converted into beautiful lodgings for visitors.

Facing the Sea of Japan, the area is known for its wonderfully fresh local seafood, which can be enjoyed at restaurants and lodgings in the area.  


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Ine Bay is located around 2.5 hours from central Kyoto or Osaka by car. Alternatively, the town can be accessed via a 50-minute bus ride from Amanohashidate Station. While you won’t find the area advertised in most of the guidebooks, an overnight stay on the water here will be a memory you won’t ever forget.


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