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Thoughtful Wife Gifts Husband a Day Off & RM733 Cash For Being a Hardworking Dad



This Wife Gifted Her Husband With a Da - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter / Twitter

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Aww, this is such a sweet gesture! 

This Japanese lady may have just won the “Wife of the Year” award because of her sweet “thank you” gifts for her husband. Nextshark wrote that the husband, Hiroto was pleasantly surprised to find an envelope with the Japanese word kansha – which means “with appreciation” – written on it waiting for him when he came back home. That’s so sweet! 

Inside the envelope was a hand-written note and money worth as much as 20,000 yen (RM733). Wow! Hiroto took to Twitter to share the gifts from his wife and thanked her for it. His post was accompanied by a caption which read,

“I’m so grateful to my wife. Off to enjoy my day off.”

You can take a look at the post here:

A rough translation of the letter which is written in Japanese is as follows:

“A present for you: One day off.”

“Any day is okay. Let me know when you pick one. You can spend the money however you want (playing pachinko, going to a hot spring, going out to eat, going out to drink, etc). Come home whenever you feel like it (just don’t be extremely late). On that day, when you’re at home, you don’t have to do anything.”

“This is a present for being a dad who’s always working so hard, every day. Thank you, always.”

The letter is so sweet that it’s giving me diabetes!

FYI, Hiroto and his wife tied the knot in late 2017 and last spring, they were gifted with a beautiful baby girl. Look at those chubby cheeks! 


Source: Twitter

After Hiroto’s post went viral, many netizens were touched by his wife’s heartwarming gesture. One netizen wrote, “Even more than the money, it’s the letter that feels special. You can tell how deep your love for one another is.” True that! 

On top of that, many of the netizens wished the couple a good and happy life together. Well, we too hope that they will lead a long and happy life together! 

This such a thoughtful gesture by Hiroto’s wife and from the looks of it, he is quite pleased with the gifts. On that note, have you given any unexpected gifts to your significant other? Or, have you received any thoughtful presents from your partner? Share your story in the comments below!


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