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Taiwan Welcomes Malaysian Fresh Grads and Professionals to Pursue Careers There



Taiwan Welcomes Malaysian Fresh Graduates and Professionals to Pursue Careers There - World Of Buzz 1
Source: London Eater & The Star

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Malaysian talents are greatly appreciated around the world, and the latest country to welcome us is Taiwan!

According to Sinchew, Taiwan’s education ministry is now looking at recruiting and retaining more foreign professionals in their country. Although the policy is still in the making, the ultimate goal is to welcome more foreign talents to work in Taiwan.

“We’d like to encourage fresh graduates from Malaysia to pursue their careers in Taiwan, as this offer is not only open for those who graduated in Taiwan,” Tsai Ching-Hua, Deputy Director of Ministry of Education said.

Source: NST

In an interview with Sinchew, Tsai revealed that a point-based system was introduced in 2014 to determine whether a foreigner is qualified to work in Taiwan. The areas in which points are awarded include:

  • Academic qualifications
  • Special skills
  • Linguistic ability
  • Experience in relevant field

Only those who exceed 70 points will be approved to stay and work in Taiwan, and Malaysians have the upper hand in this system. This is because Malaysian graduates who are proficient in Mandarin will automatically receive 30 points!

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Here are other criteria that will be considered and the relevant points awarded:

  • Graduated from any Taiwanese university – 10 points
  • Stayed in Taiwan or any foreign country for more than 6 years – 10 points
  • Proficient in other foreign language aside from Mandarin – 20 points

As such, many Malaysian students can easily go there after graduating since they’re proficient in Mandarin. In 2016, 13.79 per cent of international students in Taiwan were Malaysian students.

After this news came to light, many Malaysians were excited and started tagging their friends on Facebook to spread the word.

However, some netizens who had experience working in Taiwan warned netizens that it’s not as good as everybody thinks it is.

“Taiwanese bosses are worse than Malaysian and Singaporean bosses. You have to work like hell and the salary isn’t as high as what you get in Malaysia,” a netizen said.

“The economy in Taiwan has been stagnant for close to 20 years. The rate of unemployment is rising as well. Please think carefully before you go there,” another netizen commented. 

The choice is yours, guys!  

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Taiwan - World Of Buzz

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