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Selfless Orphan Fosters Over 400 Children in 11 Years, Woman Falls in Love & Helps Him Raise Kids



Selfless Man Who Grew Up As Orphan Fosters Over 400 Children In 11 Years - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: UDM / Pear Video

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Without a lucrative income or massive wealth, this man who is really no more different than us managed to foster over 400 orphans in the span of 11 years. His inspiring story has even touched a teacher’s heart who wants to marry him! Aww! 

The 39-year-old man from Jilin, China can sympathise with the orphans because he too grew up as a homeless child without parents. In fact, he doesn’t even know his real name to this day!

Source: Udn

His noble journey started 11 years ago when he came across a teen who made a living by scavenging for food. That reminded him of his early days and he has decided to give a forever home to the teen. From there, he started taking in more children whose parents have passed away or those who were abandoned.

Needless to say, providing basic necessities to the children has put a dent in his wallet and he has used up all his savings to send them to school so they can receive formal education. His money was also used to buy books and study tables for the kids.

Holding a box of certificates, the man sounded like a proud parent when he said, “These are the certificates by the children in our house.” 

Source: Udn

Sadly, in 2016, he fell to the ground while operating a crane at a construction site which forced him to leave the field. Refusing to give up on financing the children, he started selling local specialities online. “No matter how difficult things may get, we will not be beggars,” the man said, adding that he always reminds his kids to be independent and not to rely on anyone else.

His touching story began spreading and a 25-year-old teacher was moved by his compassion for the kids. So, she volunteered to help at his house and eventually fell in love with the man. Although their age difference is 14 years, that didn’t stop them from loving each other. In fact, the duo will be getting married in May or June this year (2019)! Congratz! 

At the moment, he is still taking care of 28 children at his home.

Source: Pear Video

Honestly, the world needs more selfless people like him. Again, congratulations to the couple! 


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