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Scam Alert! Malaysian Receives Fabricated Consignment Note For Non-existent Parcel



Source: Facebook & Information Age

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When it comes to scammers, nothing is impossible!

On 10 January, a netizen posted on Facebook to share her experience of receiving a “Pos Laju” scam note in her letterbox.

Scam Alert!亲爱的朋友们,这里给大家警惕一下。前两天(星期五)我收到了这样的一张Note,由于已经过了办公时间,我就没有打电话询问Parcel的下落。今天我接到电话说我的Parcel被扣是因为“我”寄了一份带有身份证跟ATM…

Posted by Seryee Lu on Saturday, January 9, 2021

In the post, she stated that she received a note regarding a parcel last Friday, 8 January. However, she did not call Pos Malaysia on the same day since their operation hours have passed.

On 10 January, she received a call saying that her parcel has been detained as she allegedly delivered a document consisting of her IC and ATM details to an anonymous person in Negeri Sembilan. Shocked and confused, the person in the call also added on that she will be under investigation.

“I feel that it is very abnormal, as the phone number that called me is 010-8975292 (Can Pos Malaysia even use handphone for business operation in weekends?)”, she writes.

She immediately hung up the phone and used the official website’s tracking system to track her parcel.

“Jeng jeng, of course nothing is found as the parcel is non-existent.”. The “very responsible worker” then called her again with this phone number (+8700322672267), and told her that there must be someone irresponsible who used her identity and name for some funny purposes.

“I just answered him with “it sounds serious, and please give me a moment to record down our conversation.”. The scammer immediately ended the call.

“The scariest part is that this particular note was found in the letterbox of my condo. With the strict security measures, how did this person even come into the condo? Is he really from “Poslaju”? or is he Delivery/Courier Service and Con Artist?” she raised up the question.

She also emphasised that fellow netizens should be aware of this issue. Those who do not know how to use a tracking system should not simply believe this kind of notes even if it looks real. It’s always best to get someone to help check the tracking system before handing out any personal information.

We urge all Malaysian to be extra careful when they received notes even they are not expecting any parcel. Do not hesitate to ask for help and make a call to the official office for verification purpose. 

This article was published with permission given by Seryee Lu.


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Source: Seryee Lu

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