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This Ridiculously EPIC Sunway Confession Will Give You Enough Internet For The Day



This Ridiculously EPIC Sunway Confession Will Give You Enough Internet For The Day - WORLD OF BUZZ

Confession pages have been around Facebook for the past few years and they provide people (usually students) a medium to let out their deepest secrets anonymously. It’s usually filled with a ton of love confessions, funny stories and bad experiences.

However, some are so ridiculously bad that it’s just funny. Lately there was a post from a female that described her experience, and it was shared pretty massively. Little did she know, the comeback posted by the guy was equally (if not more) epic.

Read their posts below:

“Let’s straight to the point. I had sex with a guy last week. He was my benefit friend, which mean fuck buddy. We met each other in Zouk about two months ago, he was my best friend’s friend, he’s also a Sunway student.. The first time I met him in the club , the first thing came in my mind was “ God, this guy is damn hot. I gonna to eat him badly ”.

Then we started to talk, and I started to flirt him, I pretended I was very drunk and ask him to fetch me back. When we are leaving, I saw my best friend showed me a middle finger with a smile face. Then he ask me where are my house, and I said “I don’t remember my house address, why don’t we go to your house?” and… you guys know what happened next lo, so I skip it. Okay, this is the story how met.

Okay, let’s talk the main point, last week, I was horny again, and I think of him. So I gave him a text, “J_s_n, Astro and chill tonight?” this was the secret code when one of us ask for sex. Then he replied “Wah Lai Toi at my house tonight”. Then this was the secret code when the other one agree with it. That night, he fetch me from Sun-U hostel to his house. Then we started have sex on his bed. Okay, okay! The main point… after about 45 min, he’s still haven’t cum, *by the way, he’s really strong!

Sometimes he can last long for about 1 and half hours only cum!! Serious no joke!! *, then suddenly there’s a bad thing came in my mind. Then I asked him to stop for a while and said “Hey Ja_ _n, do you wan to try my other hole?” after I saying that, he stunned for like 5 seconds, and just staring at me. Then he was very excited and hold my butt up and fucking my ass hole. At first he cant put it in, cause my asshole is really tight, * my shit always water type, not banana or rock type, so my ass hole is really very tight”.

Then after several times of in and out, then it started become smooth. At first I really enjoy the feel, then SUDDENLY.. I feel that there are something moving in my stomach and I can feel that something wan to come out from my ass hole. SHIT!!! I keep praying and praying, don’t be shit please. Then he said he almost cum, after the several sprint, he is going to cum. When he pull his dick out…….. my shit gush out ,at the moment we are like doggy style, so my shit spray on his body and his bed, and I can smell my shit is fucking stink.

When he saw this, he stunned again, then he started to puke on my body, when I saw his vomit on my body, I started to vomit also. So the bed got my shit and our’s vomit. Then I quickly ran into his toilet and shower. When I come out, I saw he was sitting on his bed, doing nothing, just staring to the ceiling. I was so embarrassing and I told him I will sit taxi back, no need to worry me. Never wait for his reply, then I straight walk out and call taxi by Grabcar.

After that night, we didn’t contact each other again. Yesterday, I was horny again then I sent him “ Astro and chill _a_o_ ? ” And he never reply me. I was wondering why is he don’t want to reply me.. can you guys help me to figure it out? Cause I don’t know what boys think. But what I think its because that night I go back my own and didn’t let him to drive me back my hostel.

So what I had learned is never call a taxi your own, cause its very dangerous sitting taxi alone at night, boys will worried you and angry you. So girl, please remember this, if not you will lose your boyfriend or fuck buddy.”

What did I just read?


Ok. Now for the reply:

“Hi everyone, I am J_s_n. Ya, the _a_o_ who fucked a girl ass hole. I just want to say that what the girl confessed was true. This is really happened in my life. There are few things I need to talk with this girl in here. _n_el_ , are you fucking nuts? Why do you fucking post our things at here? Fucking crazy women, and now everyone knows that my name is _a_o_.

I don’t want to reply you not because of you fucking go back alone!! I don’t give a damn fuck whether you’re going back alone or not! Fucking cunt! You brought me a fucking worst nightmare ever in my life!!!!! YOU JUST FUCKING SHIT AND PUKE ON MY BED AND THEN RAN AWAY !!!!!!!!!

I don’t know how to settle my bed, I don’t know how to get those blanket to wash in the washing machine. And finally I decided just sleep on my bed and don’t fucking care about it. Do you know that night I was cant even sleep? My tears keep on dropping and dropping. The next day, my mom was awake and she smell that my room was stink, and she came in my room. She stunned , and just looking at my bed! I act like I really sick, so that I puke and shit on my bed whole night.

After that day, my family always look at me like im a weirdo. Nobody willing to talk with me. And now, every time when I stomach-ache, I don’t fucking dare to shit, cause everytime when I shit, when I smell it, I will automatically puke, every night, I cant sleep on my bed, I sleep on the floor everynight, and I cant masturbate or fuck other girls anymore!! I cant erectile anymore, do you know why? cause It keep on reminding me that your shit was on my body and my bed!!!!

Because of you, I have phobia of shit now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, fuck you Angela!!!! Luckily I wear condom that night, if not I will don’t dare to look at my dick anymore!! “



internet seinfeld done thats enough internet for today jerry

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