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Primary Student’s Essay Goes Viral for Saying Happiness is More Important Than Getting into Harvard



Primary Student Says Being Happy Is More Important Than Getting Into Harvard University - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: China Press / Hindustan Times

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This little girl seems to have life all figured out! 

A Primary Five student surnamed Yu recently submitted an essay for a competition and it spread like wildfire on WeChat. Yu is currently studying in a primary school in Nanjing, China, according to China Press.

Despite her young age, Yu was able to craft a short essay that showcased her independent thinking and astounding maturity even by adults’ standards. We kid you not, she started her first paragraph by saying, “I, like every other human, am just a tiny speck of dust in space”.

We surely didn’t begin our ‘Aku Sebatang Pen’ essay like this! 

Here’s the brief translation of the rest of the essay.

“When I grow up, I want to be a carpenter but if you have candies, I would still want to eat them too (even when I’m all grown up).

“When I was in Primary Three, I realised that society would wear people out and reduce them to nothing. For instance, people are already getting labelled as ‘useless’ based on their school examination results before they even had a chance to discover their talents.”

This revelation made Yu plunge into helplessness and loneliness but her father asked her not to overthink it and just go with the flow in life. So, she started focusing on making everyone happy including herself, her family members and teachers.

Once, she recalled her teacher had asked everyone to run for 50 metres during a sports lesson, which made everyone scared. Knowing that she could not escape it, Yu gave her best and ran like hell when the whistle was blown.

“I ran so fast that my hair was flying in the air. I finished at 8.75 (seconds) and I was extremely happy. I even felt like Usain Bolt for a moment. I ate some chocolates at night and my father praised me for being a good girl.

“Perhaps I don’t need to study so hard to get into Harvard University, I just need to be happy.”

The last line of her essay struck a chord with many netizens especially working-class adults and university students who are constantly under pressure. After all, for many of them, happiness seems to be the missing element that they’re constantly looking for in life.

Do you agree with what Yu said in her essay? Let us know what you think in the comments! 


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