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11 Differences Between New Couples and Old Couples


Couple Sleep

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“Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud…” etc etc. These were from 1 Corinthian 13:4-8, just so you know. Wise words such as these should, of course, not go unheeded but the silly truth is, in all serious funniness, there can be competition in this thing called Love. In this case, between couples who are young and in a new relationship and couples who have been through thick and thin, regardless the age.


1. Discovering what you have and don’t have in common 

The advantage of being new in a relationship is the exciting discoveries you’ll make in the beginning, when any interests and even disinterests of your loved one is utterly fascinating. Some might even question if the relationship is the “right one” due to the lack of common interests.


Practically becoming one person

Old Coupple

On the other hand, when you are an old couple, you’ve gone past the fascination and looked past whether he or she shares the same interest or not. Whether it’s music or movies, to perceptions about life, after awhile, you two begin to adapt to each other’s taste. You have probably melted as one, practically looking like each other. Guess that’s what being “The One” means.


2. Having conversations together


We’ve all seen this every time: a couple out on a date or having dinner. They happily chat and have wide grins plastered on their faces.


Playing on your mobile phones


Then there are the couples that are busy thumbing away on their phones instead of making eye contact, making very little effort for trying to spark a conversation.


3. Constant exciting plans for the weekend


In the blossom of being a new couple, there’s always this need to make the most of your activities together, like a perfect getaway weekend, trying out a never-eaten-before cuisine, recite the complete alphabet while bungee jumping – all that so that spending time together is always fun and fulfilling.


Can’t be bothered, staying in with jammies on the couch

When you are a couple that has run out the energy to come up with ideas, just chilling out potato style is enough, even if it is in semi-silence. You find yourself too lazy to dress up and meet people, instead you’d rather spend time in bed. Contented but maybe a little sad?


4. Looking the best whenever you’re going out


Girls will be spending at least half an hour deciding what to wear, while them boys make sure their hair looks great. You look your best for the date and not one strand of hair out of place.




You’ve seen each other at their worst before, so there’s no pressure to waste all that time making yourself look pretty. As long as you’re comfy in whatever you’re in, it doesn’t matter if you looked like a homeless person.


5. Taking selfies at every possible time


For the new ones, capturing every moment on record is an absolute must, whether it is from the aforementioned exciting activities to just standing on a nothing special sidewalk. Every single moment seemed like a memorable one and social media worthy.


One photo in the wallet is enough


In an older relationship, just as much as they have no energy to plan outings, they also cannot be bothered with all the grinning and posing anymore. You’ll know how you’ll just take a dozen of pictures and have them stored in your phone forever, or until your memory runs out.


6. Fun exotic recipes for a cooked meal

Pasta Primavera

The more rajin ones would make the effort to make unique dishes by whipping up an exotic romantic meal for the first time ever just for their snookum-wookums. Whether it’s a surprise or planned meal, surfing the net for hours for the perfect meal was all worth it.


Eating out or ol’ classic favourites


Then on the other hand, couples will become too comfy and find eating out much more convenient. As for the married ones, whoever’s the homemaker would know by heart the more simple, practiced but ultimately favourite signature dishes.


7. Wearing cutesie matching outfits

It seems to be a not-to-obvious-but-still-noticeable trend for couples to don on made-for-each-other matching T-shirts nowadays. Cute or nauseating is really up to the beholder’s opinion. It doesn’t have to be those cheesy lovey dovey couple designed tees, a more common yet subtle trend is by colour coordinating your clothes to look cute yet fashionable.


Stealing each other’s clothes without permission


For those in a longer spanned relationship, though, it comes to a point when you actually wear each other’s T-shirt.


8. Sleeping in each other’s arms

Young Couple Sleeping In A Bed

When it’s time to hit the sack, the best spot is in your boyfriend/girlfriend’s arms. You feel protected and loved and ultimately, it’s very sweet.


Sleeping in your own form


After being together quite some time, you realized that you’d prefer breaking out your unsightly sleeping styles because that’s the best position you can sleep it. Ofcourse, because being in each other arms is just too darn hot (and occasionally uncomfortable)! Whether each of your hands are sprawled all over one another’s face and body, both can sleep soundly.



9. Talking to best friends about your significant other


Every bestfriend of someone in a couple goes through the “torture” of knowing every single detail of their awesome boyfriend/girlfriend because that is always the number one topic to “discuss” about, whether it’s good or bad news. The bestfriend is given less attention because all focus is now on the new partner.


Best friend becomes the significant other


When you get older in the relationship, your bestfriend returns as your significant other and you start talking about your life goals and ponder on sweet old memories together.



10. Fighting over who should hang up first


Since the invention of the telephone, new couples have been fighting over who should hang up first after chatting, which usually run as long as their initial conversation. This is the norm that is common knowledge because you just can’t get enough of each other!


Fighting over the proof of who loves who more


Old couples on the other hand finds that the root core of it is a competition of who loves who more. An argument sparks and next thing you know words like “you don’t care about me”and “I love you more than you do” gets tossed around.


11. Taking showers together

Affectionate Couple In Shower

When you just got together, bathing together or seeing them in their birthday suit really excited you. Heck, just thinking about it will turn you on. Showering together and scrubbing each other’s back is a cute gesture new couples fantasize about, along with other things ofcourse.


Cannot even be bothered

Withdrawn Lovers

“Oh, you’re taking a shower? Cool, I’ll wait for my turn”. You’re so used to each other’s presence that when they strip naked infront of you, you couldn’t be bothered and resume whatever that is you’re doing.

At the end of the day there is no true winner between the new and old because, let’s be cheesy, being in love already makes you a winner.

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