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M’sian Policemen Hilariously Films Music Videos At Work Out Of Boredom



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What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you see police officers on duty nearby? Kantoi dah, did I go over the speed limit? Faster check if my seat belt is fastened or not. Did I bring my IC with me?

Maybe it was due to the fact that since young, our parents would scare us by saying, “If you don’t behave properly, the policeman will come and catch you.” That’s why some of us would unconsciously tense up and anxiously worry at the sight of officers in navy uniform. Relek lah.

While you may think that policemen are 24/7 serious and stern, these three policemen are here to break that stereotype planted in our minds.

Source: lowyat.net

That’s because, these three policemen were so bored at work, they decided to make good use of their time by creating unforgettable memories as they filmed not one, but TWO music videos! And they’re pretty funny if you ask us! 

They appeared to be on duty at a small security guard booth in front of a gated entrance, to stop vehicles passing by for inspection before heading in. As there was not much traffic going on that day and they were surrounded by nice greenery, the trio decided to make themselves stars of the day with two single-take music videos.

Check out the trio battle it out by lip syncing to ‘Tak Suka Tak Apa‘ by Screen and ‘Sambutlah Kasihku’ by Love Hunters. Do you feel that pang of nostalgia? 

One of the policemen even played air drums along to the beat! 

All those hand gestures and expressions are on-point yo!

The two music videos of the police officers were uploaded on PenMerah [dot] com’s Facebook page, which instantly attracted the attention of local netizens. Most of them were tickled by their acts, and praised the trio for having a positive outlook despite their seriously-perceived jobs. Some also questioned whether they were too stressed out, and applauded their quirky way of getting pass that boredom. Looks like they could form a band!

The best thing besides having a job you love? A group of awesome colleagues!


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