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M’sian Couple Almost Die After Giant Rock Drops on Car Windscreen From Flyover



Source: Facebook / Sinchew

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This is not a prank, but an attempted murder! 

On 23 December, a couple named Low and May took the Lingkaran-Lebuhraya Kajang to meet up with their friends at 10.25pm. While cruising on the highway, a relatively big rock suddenly fell on their windscreen and smashed right through it.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

After lodging a police report, May shared her near-death experience on Facebook to warn other motorists about the ordeal. Here’s the brief translation of what she wrote.

“Just now, we were driving on the fast lane in Balakong when our car was hit by a rock that fell from the flyover. The rock hit our windscreen and went right through it.”

“If the rock had fallen slightly towards the left or right side of the windscreen, one of us would’ve been severely wounded,” she said. 

According to Sinchew, the rock smashed through the windscreen and flew over the centre console before reaching the backseat. Thankfully, the driver remained composed and slowed down the car to look for the culprit on the flyover. They didn’t see anyone there.

“Our arms were cut by bits of the shattered windscreen, but we’re fine overall,” May added.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

After learning about this incident on Facebook, Balakong assemblyman Ng Tien Chee went back to the scene together with the victims to better understand the case.

However, he pointed out that the police doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation as the case is simply being treated like any other complaint from road users. Besides, a motorcyclist could’ve easily lost their life if the rock landed on their head, said Ng.

Judging from the victims’ encounter, clearly someone was trying to cause an accident by dropping the big rock from the flyover. We could be wrong, but it certainly sounds like it was planned! 

Source: Facebook

The police have since been urged to beef up their patrol and it was suspected that the culprit is a resident living nearby the scene.

Well, we’re glad that the couple managed to escape with just minor injuries. If this was a prank, then it has certainly gone too far. Spread the word and stay safe guys!


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