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Massive Fire Near Changkat Causes Malaysians To Worry About Terrorist Attacks



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Party goers might have to reroute their plans this weekend because local hotspot, Changkat, could be a little unsafe for the time being.

A fire broke out near Changkat yesterday afternoon garnering lots of attention from curious netizens. Some can’t help but wonder what happened.

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Source: The Star

Some wondered if it could have been a terrorist attack.

“Damn, don’t tell me ISIS or some terrorists have invaded. The explosion is so scary.”

Meanwhile, others stated how sorry they felt for Movida because they thought it was one of the affected shops, but it’s not.

“Explosion at Movida Changkat. Why the f*ck Movida always kena target sia? First Movida Puchong, now Movida Changkat.”

With recent terrorist threats, one can’t help but wonder if this incident could possibly be one of them.

Speculations were quickly debunked when the police said that it was a fire in a budget hotel. But it turns out, two restaurants were engulfed in fire caused by a gas explosion at Jalan Nagasari off Jalan Raja Chulan.

The restaurants, Vietnamese Cafe Food and Shawarma Halap Restaurant, had two loud explosions which caused the afternoon fire yesterday.

A representative from the City Fire and Rescue Department said that they were alerted at about 1.46pm and by the time the firemen arrived at the scene, the two shops were already engulfed by fire.

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Source: Eleanor Wong

He added that the fire was brought under control at 2.25pm and was fully put out by 3.13pm.  

It was not clear how the fire started but the fire must have gotten out of control and hit the gas canisters in one of the restaurants.

Fortunately, no casualties were reported and all workers managed to escape before the fire hit the gas canisters.

Watch videos of the horrifying fire here:

Source: The Star

Source: Eleanor Wong

Many speculations have been made about how exactly the fire started. However, the spokesman said the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

What do you think actually went down? I don’t know about you but I might be partying somewhere else this week, just to be safe.

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