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Malaysian Man Touched by Mother of 3 Disabled Kids’ Story, Urges Public to Aid Her



Amazing Malaysian Woman with 3 Disabled Children Won't Sit Around Waiting for Charity - World Of Buzz
Source: Dr.MAZA

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Not all of us are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy life’s simple luxuries such as the ease of mobility. Sadly, there is a lady from Kangar, Perlis, whose kids are all disabled.

Dr Maza was out in town when he suddenly met a young child with special needs selling bamboo sprouts in front of one of the KFC branches.

When he found out that the boy’s mother was also selling the same thing elsewhere, he went on to find her.

Source: Dr.MAZA

In a heartbreaking Facebook post, Dr Maza wrote,

“At around 12am, this auntie was still on the walkway selling bamboo shoots and some snacks.

“I asked her if she receives aid from zakat (charity for Muslims) and she said yes, she receives it on a monthly basis and even aid from other charities.

“It’s just that auntie didn’t want to sit around because she has to be responsible for three disabled children at home.”

It’s a tough life for this woman but it seems like the term ‘giving up’ isn’t in her dictionary. The amazing lady would find and harvest these bamboo shoots from the jungle by herself.

 - World Of Buzz

Source: Dr.MAZA

Dr Maza did not hesitate to purchase all of the woman’s bamboo shoots. He gave her the money and bought about 40 packets of the bamboo shoots, which he doesn’t even like.

“I am not a fan of bamboo shoots. However, I shall look for a mosque tomorrow morning that is willing to accept all of these shoots to be on the menu for breaking fast.”

But a sudden thought ran through Dr Maza’s mind – he wondered how did this lone woman transport all these bamboo shoots around.

Source: Dr.MAZA

The lady pointed to an old motorcycle.

“She told me that her tyre busted the night before and she had to push her bike all the way home. Her journey took her four hours, from 12am to 4am, before she finally reached home. It was so saddening to hear.”

Before he left, he advised the woman to go over to the charity office to ask for additional help.

“People like her who are hardworking and not the kind to just sit around deserves more help. God willing, the charity will provide additional aid for her.”

“I left the scene with a saddened soul. May God give her lots of blessings.”

So, if you are ever around Kangar and notice this auntie, do remember to help her out even if it is by just purchasing her bamboo shoots and snacks.

A little bit goes a long way after all. Let us all rally together to do more acts of kindness for everyone.

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