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Local Brand’s Sarawakian Batik Boxer-Briefs Look So Good Even Conor McGregor Has One!



Source: Facebook

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Ladies, if you’re tired of your husband or boyfriend’s basic plaid undies, maybe it’s time you spice things up by buying him a box of batik boxers!

Batik has always been known as formal wear, but late, incorporating batik more casually has become a trend, which gives the designs the versatility in order to appease both the older and younger generation.

Abe (@ayrezz_Q) took to his Twitter account to showcase boxes of BaRTeK underwear he had stumbled upon.

Abe wrote, “These Songket inspired boxers are so pretty.”

And netizens (both men and ladies) agree!

Source: Twitter

This comment goes, “Seriously pretty! How do I buy these?”

Source: Twitter

The mastermind and owner behind the local-inspired boxer-brief brand BaRTek by DCM is Sarakawian-born Shahrulnizam Samawi (Shahriz), who aims to uphold the culture and image of the earth through Sarawakian batik in each of his designs, he told Hangat.com.

Source: Facebook

Though his designs may be interesting and champions local culture, unfortunately, gaining the support of the general public seemed difficult in the beginning considering many felt that using Batik for innerwear was inappropriate.

“At first I did receive cruel comments and I realised that the local market was less responsive to the brand,” Shahriz told Hangat.

Source: Facebook

Though, the brand did gain some traction overseas including in countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong. Shahriz even managed to get the attention of internationally renowned athletes.

“In fact, we managed to get some pretty encouraging requests and even Conor McGregor owns one of our collections,” he added.

Source: Facebook

The brand is also in partnership with the Bachelor of Malaysia pageant, where the winner will go on to represent Malaysia in international male pageants including the Gentlemen of the World pageant, and the Malaysian representative will don BaRTeK boxers.

Source: Facebook

And fret not, ladies, for the brand isn’t only for men! Shahriz hopes that the brand can penetrate both the male and female market.

Source: Facebook

BaRTeK boxers are currently going for RM65 per piece and can be bought both online and offline at their Kuching showroom.

It’s always great to see Malaysian brands going inner-national.


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