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“Lazy go out lah!” M’sian Millennials Share 6 Times They Realised They’re Turning Into Their Parents!


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Source: Mamikos & Southern Air

Was there ever a moment when you were a kid and you’d see your parents doing certain things that made you wonder, ‘”why???” Now that we’re grown, we’d sometimes catch ourselves doing the same things and realise “OMG, now I get it!” To show you that this is a super common experience, we’ve spoken to a few Malaysians and got them to share the times they finally realised that they’re slowly turning into their parents!


1. “My friend lost my nice food container and I finally understood my mum’s rage.”

One of the superpowers of our Asian mums is their ability to keep track of every single one of their food containers. And there is no worse nightmare than losing them!

“Once, I packed some food for my classmate but she never returned the container. When I asked for it back, she said she had thrown it away. I could feel my mum’s spirit possessing me and it took every cell in my body not to scream at her.” – Vivian, 27.



2. “I get more excited about buying a new air-cond than replacing my phone.”

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“After getting my own place, I realised just how important it is to get nice home appliances and I’ve been spending most of my savings on household things. No wonder my parents used to be super excited when they got a new oven or a new air-cond.” – Hadi, 33.

When you’re in this stage of life, it’s the little joys that truly count!


3. “My friend invited me to lepak and I almost didn’t go because I was too lazy.” 

Kafe Bandung 21.Jpg

“I haven’t seen my friends in ages because of the MCO but when they ajak me to lepak, I felt like I’d rather stay at home and relax. Now I understand why our parents couldn’t be bothered to bring us out on weekends.” – Anne, 24.

We can totally relate! With all the stress of working, it’s important to value what little me-time we have.


4. “Sometimes I’d start yelling at the TV when watching the news.” 

Taylor Armstrong Cat Yelling Meme.jpg

“As a child, I never understood why my dad would yell at the TV when watching the news. I even wondered, “does he not know those people on the TV can’t hear him?” Now that I’m old enough to actually digest what’s on the news, I can totally relate!” – Saifuddin, 29.

After the whirlwind of a year that we’ve had, we don’t blame you!


5. “My weekend routine consists of house chores or grocery shopping and I ENJOY IT!”

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“My job keeps me pretty busy on weekdays so I use my weekends to settle household chores. I always dread running errands but as I grew older, I found them pretty fun! That’s when I realised I’ve reached my peak adulting moment.” – Mira, 31.

As long as it sparks joy within you, then why not enjoy it? Plus, it’s definitely a very productive way of spending your time!


6. “I freaked out when my niece forgot to turn off the air-cond in the living room.”

152769869 S.jpg

“My mum would nag my siblings and me whenever we forgot to turn off electric appliances. I thought she was just being dramatic. But now that I have bills to pay, I’ve realised just how expensive electricity is! I owe my mum a huge apology…” – Lee, 25.

Ever since we started spending a lot more time at home, a lot of us have learnt to become more ‘economical’ in order not to waste so much electricity. Another way to avoid wasting electricity is by making sure your household appliances, like your air-cond, are being regularly serviced.

In case you’re unaware, your air-cond should be serviced at least twice a year in order to ensure its optimum condition and it can also serve several benefits such as:

  • Regulating the power consumption in order not to waste electricity.
  • Providing better air quality that is not clogged with bacteria/dust.
  • Ensuring a longer operational life of the AC.

And speaking of servicing your AC, we’ve also heard of a really good deal that’s going on right now!

From 1 – 30 November 2021, Acson is giving away a FREE Acson USB Table Fan to the first 100 users who order their air-cond cleaning service through the MY Acson mobile app!

Unnamed 1

Yup, you read that right. Not only that, but Acson is also giving our WORLD OF BUZZ readers a special promo code to enjoy even more discounts!

Simply use the promo code “WORLDA3” when checking out on the MY Acson app to enjoy up to RM12 OFF!

Just make sure to download the MY Acson app via the App Store or Google Play and register your account first! With Acson’s air-cond cleaning services, you can be sure that you’re getting premium-grade services consisting of these:

  • Eco-friendly coil cleaner
  • High-temperature steam sterilisation
  • Well-trained & fully vaccinated service provider (certified by Jabatan Tenaga Manusia)
  • 60 days workmanship guarantee

242370333 378312777360342 1832398784547976720 N.jpg

However, do note that the service is currently available in Klang Valley only but they’ll slowly expand to other states soon so stay tuned for that!

Apart from their air-cond services, did you know that Acson air-conds can be controlled through the MY Acson app too? Imagine how convenient life would be when you can turn your AC on and off anytime, anywhere with just your phone! Some other cool (pun intended) functions include:

  • Control different modes and settings
  • 7-day timer and schedule
  • Alert on air-cond error code
  • Connect it to your home’s Alexa voice control
  • Monitor energy consumption (applicable to selected models)

Check out this video to see how convenient it is to use!


Doesn’t it look cool! Remember, if you’d also like to use your air-cond for a long time, make sure to get your AC properly serviced. Plus, with the Acson mobile app, it’s super easy! For more information about this, simply download the MY Acson app for free via App Store or Google Play.


What other adulting moments have caught you off guard before? Tell us below!

Source: Reddit
Source: inkl
Source: Mamikos
Source: iStock
Source: Southern Air

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