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Kind Young M’sian Man on Motorbike Chases Tourist Cycling in His Kampung Just to Pass Her Bun & Drink


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Source: TikTok | foolonadventure

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Malaysians are known for being friendly and warm. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you’ll probably find them hospitable and welcoming, making you feel right at home.

In a recent video shared by @foolonadventure, she recounts a heartwarming incident that happened to her while cycling on the road between Jeniang and Gurun, Kedah.

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He offered her a big bag of butter breads

In the video, she talks about a young man who showed her a random act of kindness by chasing her down the road and offering her a bag of sweet butter breads.

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Krista shared that she was cycling through a small village when a young man in his early 20s caught up with her on his motorcycle just outside the village.

“He told me he had seen me cycling through the village and went to a local shop to buy me a big bag of butter breads (I’m not sure what they’re called) about 10 packs of sweet bread with butter, and a bottle of 100 Plus electrolyte drink.”

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He chased her just to hand her the food and drink!

Krista went on to express her gratitude for the young man’s kindness, sharing how sweet and thoughtful he was to do something so nice for her.

She revealed that she didn’t expect the act of kindness at all but thanked him and they chatted for a bit before he returned to the village and she continued her journey to Alor Setar.

“I actually experienced a lot of kindness from people during my trip to Malaysia. So many people opened their homes and hearts to me. Many shared food with me. It’s incredible. I feel so welcome in Malaysia,” she added.

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“There is always someone looking out for me”

Krista mentioned that Malaysia and its people will always have a special place in her heart, as she experienced a lot of kindness from all communities in Malaysia, including Malays, Chinese, Indians, Indonesians, and other foreign workers like Bangladeshis.

“The majority of the people I met were truly amazing. This made my journey very memorable and special.”


You can watch the full video down below:


I was just cycling along the road when a young man chased me down on his motorcycle. Apparently he had seen me passing by. He went to the shop to buy some food and drink for me. I couldn’t believe. It was incredibly sweet of him. More people could learn from these amazing human beings. Sharing is caring. Being considerate towards each other. Being thoughtful. Being kind. I highly appreciate. Terima kasih ??? #bicycletour #malaysia #solofemale #worldbybike #asia #cyclegirl #cyclinggirl #adventure #aventura #outdoorgirl #explore #nomadlife #greatoutdoors #viaje #biketour #bikepacking #feelinggood #bici #velo #rtw #traveltheworld #kindness #help #support #shock #jom #viral #view #life #fate #help #sharing #friends #welcome #food #generosity

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It’s heartwarming to see tourists showing love for Malaysians, and even more so to know that our people welcome them with open arms.


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