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Kind Ustaz Donates to Temples and Provides Essentials For Indian Families In Perak



Source: Facebook

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We have spoken about Ustaz Ebit Lew and his charitable ways before, especially during dire times. Without thinking about race or religion, Ustaz Ebit has proven that we can always be kind, no matter our background. Continuing his act of kindness which we know will definitely inspire people to do the same, Ustaz dropped by an area in Sungkai, Perak to help the community there.

In a post shared on his Facebook page, Ustaz Ebit Liew documented his journey, visiting the Indian community there. Praising them for their kindness as they welcomed him with open arms, Ustaz ventured throughout the kampung to visit those who needed some help. He said,

“It is sad to see the conditions of their house. Some with severe leaks. Many of them do not have the ability to go online to apply for help. There are even houses without water and electricity. “

It is known that Ustaz Ebit will go the extra mile to even give houses sometimes. However, he mentioned that if he gives these people new houses, it might be far from where they work. So instead, he will help by fixing and restoring their houses to a more liveable condition. Apart from some cash, Ustaz also provided some food essentials for these families. At the end of the visit, he also managed to stop by four temples to provide some help.

Watch the full video here:

Terima kasih

Menangis ke Sungkai Perak. Baik-baik semua masyarakat India disini. Sedih sayu sebab rumah mereka ada yang bocor berlubang teruk. Susah betul rumah mereka. Ramai juga tak pandai online untuk pohon bantuan dan lain-lain. Ada rumah tiada elektrik dan air. Ada rumah atap semua tiada zink. Dinding semua bocor. Hujan lebat anak kecil semua sejuk. Takut binatang atau apa-apa yang bahaya. Saya ada nak beri rumah tapi jauh dari tempat kerja mereka nanti. Jadi memang kena repair sebahagian rumah. Ada yang bukan tanah mereka juga. Ada yang kemalangan teruk. Biasa duit sebulan sedikit. Waktu PKP teruslah tiada. Bantuan ada yang tak tahu macam mana. Saya beri belanja. Ada rm300 dan ada rm100 juga. Tengok keadaan mereka tadi. Disamping hantar barang dapur. Happy mereka. Ada ajak ambil gambar sebab kenal. Ada yang terharu. Sedih rasa. Sempat tengok 4 kuil tadi. Jumpa sami. Beri sedikit sumbangan. Barang dapur dan sedikit duit belanja. Mereka kata kita sebuah keluarga.

Posted by Ebit Lew on Wednesday, June 3, 2020

If you could be anything, be kind first. Ustaz Ebit Lew has proven that if you put your mind into it, surely you can be kind. Even the smallest act of kindness matters. We would like to thank Ustaz for inspiring us and being a great example for us to follow!


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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