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“Malaysia, apa ini” – Japanese Influencer Mistakes Cendol as Noodles and Cooks “Malaysian Ramen”


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Source: TikTok | sora_fula

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Cendol is without a doubt Malaysia’s signature sweet! Over time, people from all over the world have put their own spin on it, making it a dessert that everyone loves! But have you ever seen cendol transformed creatively (or should we say mistakenly) from something sweet to savoury?

Japanese content creator, @sora_fula, is making waves online after mistaking cendol for a savoury item and creating a mushy green ramen dish out of it!

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“What is this, Malaysians?”

Thinking that cendol is a type of noodle, Sora created what she called ‘Malaysian ramen’, unaware that cendol is actually a sweet dish!

“Today I will be trying Malaysian ramen.”

In the video, she was seen enthusiastically shopping for ingredients at the supermarket, including cendol, not realising that it is commonly used for desserts rather than something savoury.

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Malaysian ramen using cendol!

Despite not knowing what cendol actually is and why the noodle-like substance is green, she decides to make the dish anyway, demonstrating step by step how she plans to cook it.

She began preparing the dish with ingredients like garlic, oil, bean sprouts, water, soup stock, soy sauce, and cendol used as noodles.

Screenshot 2024 06 20 110654

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“Please teach me”

After preparing the dish, Sora excitedly took a taste of the cendol ramen. However, when she tried it, she noticed that the cendol had turned unexpectedly soft after cooking.

She kept expressing her confusion, wondering if she had cooked it for too long and unsure why the texture had become too soft. She even humorously asked for help online, inviting everyone to let her know what went wrong and to assist her.

This video has garnered 1.8M views and 79.1K likes as at time of writing!

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Netizens started flooding the comment section to share their thoughts and reactions about Sora’s cendol ramen!

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Screenshot 2024 06 20 113253

“I’ve never seen anyone cook cendol with bean sprouts before.”


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You can watch the full video down below:


Apa ini ?? #fyp #sora #malaysia

♬ original sound – Sora – Sora

While cooking can be hit or miss, who knows, cendol ramen could become a huge hit in other countries! But for Malaysia, perhaps we’ll stick to the sweet version of cendol for now.


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