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“I did extreme & unhealthy diets” – M’sian Cosplayer Shares How Being Body-Shamed Has Affected Her


Micho Teh Body Shaming 1
Source: Provided to WOB by Micho Teh

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Cosplay is a hobby that has been gaining popularity over the years. In order to get involved with cosplay, one would have to be good at multiple things such as applying make-up, making costumes, etc.

It is also very inspiring to see cosplayers being creative with their work and their interpretation of a character. However, we need to remember that cosplayers are humans like us and they are NOT your 2D characters.

Micho As Crystal Maiden From Dota 2 Photo By Kok Choong

Recently, a seasoned cosplayer by the name of Micho Teh (better known as Micho the Haram-Bae in the community) has spoken up about how she was subjected to intense scrutiny and body-shaming.

Micho, 30 who is a full-time streamer and active event coordinator told WORLD OF BUZZ that she started her cosplaying journey in 2010 and it has been a rollercoaster ride.

Cosplaying As Sucrose At Nijigen 2022 Photo By Madscist Photography 3

Being a movie buff and an avid gamer, she expresses her love for the characters by cosplaying as them and this has led her to get the opportunity to be paid for what she does.

“Through cosplaying, I made lots of friends from all around the world and I got to meet many well-known public figures as well.”

However, with that level of exposure, she is often under the spotlight whether online or offline.

“I am not a typical beauty by society & community standards, therefore I was frequently picked on and shamed by both the on-ground and online crowd.”

When she is not picked on for her body size, there would be people who are sexualising her and reducing all her effort to just her body parts.

Micho As Mantis Photo Posted At Marvel Fb

Micho Gotten Fat Shamed As Crystal Maiden 2

According to Micho, this is not an isolated case as other cosplayers are in the same ship as well.

Eru Ryuzaki As Superman Photo Posted At Tgv Fb Rin Kizawa As Harley Quinn Photo Posted At Tgv Cinemas Fb

At first, the comments got to her head and destroyed her low self-confidence which led her to try many “extreme & unhealthy diets to appeal to the general crowd and clients.”

However, even after everything that she has done, the comments just kept coming.

“With each body-shaming comment I received along with the rejections from clients – I felt that no matter what, I will never be good enough.”

“But the truth is, you can never please everyone.”

Cosplaying As Sucrose At Nijigen 2022 Photo By Madscist Photography

It took a long time for Micho to come to terms with this and she has learnt to take only the constructive criticisms while filtering out negative comments as they will not be able to help her grow her career or flourish as an individual.

“I work harder nowadays to show that even a non-traditional beauty like me can receive recognition and support in both the ACG (Animation, Comics, and Games) and the commercial scene too.”

Nowadays, Micho is an empowered woman who is working to raise awareness of the many troubling issues in the ACG community such as body shaming, sexual harassment and many more.

“For those who experienced body-shaming – remember that what others say doesn’t and should not define you. Don’t lose sight of who you are to fit into a mould that someone else made.”

Nick Bojio As Thor Photo Posted At Gsc Fb

She also urges the members of the public to voice out when they see someone getting body-shamed/ bullied and not to ask the victims to “suck it up” or “ignore them” as those comments further enable the behaviour of bullies.

And as a final note to body shamers, she says,

“We cosplayers are humans with feelings and just because we do cosplay, it does not mean that we consent to you making nasty comments towards us.”

Micho As Bilbo Baggins Photo By Potter

We certainly agree with what Micho has said! Each of us is unique in our own ways; not everyone will have a flat belly or rock-hard abs and that’s the reality.

It is unfair to force an ideal onto someone just because that’s your preference. What is your take on this? Let us know in the comments!


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