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From Appetisers to Desserts, These Tupperware Products & Serveware are Perfect for an Elegant Raya Celebration!


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The choice of tableware is especially important when it comes to major celebrations and events like Hari Raya. The right tableware will not only complement the visual aspects of any dish but also help set the mood for a celebrative feast! If you’re expecting guests this Raya and have yet to prepare some gorgeous tableware, we have found the perfect solution for you! 

Tupperware has just launched a brand-new collection called the Royale Blue Collection, and it’s royally beautiful!

Besides being an ideal Raya gift, these containers and serveware are designed to elevate any Raya dish, be it your favourite Biskut Semperit or Lontong. Let us walk you through an elegant Raya celebration that you can plan for your guests this year!

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Nail the first impressions with appetisers!

Sweet and sour appetisers are a must-have to stimulate your guests’ appetites before the Raya feast. Whether it’s acar timun, dates, or soups, serving them in beautiful containers promises great first impressions among your guests. Hence, we highly recommend storing your appetisers in these containers:

  • Universal Jar, 1.5L
    • Made for convenience, the Universal Jar features
      • A handle seal that allows you to carry the containers easily
      • A flat seal that allows the containers to be stacked securely 

These containers are air-tight and liquid-tight. They also have wide mouths for easy access, making them suitable for any appetiser dishes. 

Universal Jar 2 E1648781288641

  • Serving Center 
    • Imagine how appetising your asam laksa or nasi kerabu condiments will look in this container! The center of this container can be detached, and its cover can also be used as a serving tray.

Img 8037


Prepare a feast for the stomach and the eyes

Before your guests’ stomachs start growling, be sure to whip up a spread of steamy and fragrant Raya dishes on the dining table. From Ketupat to Rendang and Lemang, the table full of Raya dishes can be elevated with decorative serveware! This is where the Tupperware Royale Blue Series comes into play: 

  • Royale Blue Crystalline Serveware Set 
    • This gorgeous serveware set comes in a beautiful gift box consisting of:
      • Royale Blue Crystalline Saucy Server (1.8L) with Serving Spoon
      • Royale Blue Crystalline Soup Server (2.5L) with Serving Spoon 

Made with heat-resistant materials, the containers are microwavable and can be used to reheat or serve steaming hot dishes.  They’re also impact-resistant and stain-resistant! Did we mention that these serveware also make the perfect Raya gifts? 

Crystalline Servware E1648722939946

  • Royale Blue Serveware Set
    • Prefer classy serveware with a matte finish? Then this set is for you! This beautiful set also provides a serving spoon and soup ladle. It is also microwaveable.

Img 8044


Make your desserts POP! 

Sugary desserts are a must-have to conclude any Raya feast. Besides being super delicious, it’s also equally important for them to look tasty! Here are some Tupperware products that can make your desserts look as good as they taste:

  • Jel Party, 3L
    • Perfect for no-bake cheesecakes and puddings, Jel Party allows you to prepare, store, and serve your desserts straight out of the container (yay, fewer dishes to wash!). It also comes with an insert that can be removed to unmold easily—gone are the days when our desserts would crack or fall apart as soon as we unmold them!

Jel Party E1648722890632

  • Raya Cake Set 
    • Whether it’s for a picnic or potluck, you can bring your cake and desserts anywhere in this container, thanks to its super convenient handle!

Img 8072


Keep your snacks crispy and your drinks fresh

After a filling Raya meal, it is time to sit back, relax, and munch on some snacks. And we don’t want to serve stale keropok or kuih raya! In order to keep these snacks crispy, it’s vital that we store them in the right containers, such as: 

  • Counterpart, 900ml 
    • Got too much kuih raya at home? Don’t worry! Store them in Counterparts that feature a clear base to allow for easy identification. Despite being airtight, this container can be easily opened by pressing on its plunger. Its seal can also be dissembled and washed, how convenient is that?!

Counter Part Universal Jar E1648722984903

  • One Touch Canisters
    • These canisters fit snugly inside one another, which helps save up storage space!

Img 7984

  • Royale Blue Pitcher
    • This pitcher comes with a secure cover to make sure it’s spill-proof. When tilted, it does not leak for up to 10 seconds, which provides users with enough time to put it upright to prevent spilling!

Img 8006


Did any of the Royale Blue products catch your eyes? If so, we have good news for you!

From 1st to 30th April, Tupperware is having a Raya promotion offering up to 35% OFF these gorgeous containers and serveware! 

Here are just a few of the products you can get at discounted prices:

  • Universal Jar: RM92 RM73.60 
  • Royale Blue Crystalline Serveware Set: RM273 RM229.90
  • Royale Blue Serveware Set: RM256 RM194
  • Counterpart, 300ml: RM139.80 RM109.90

Check out the catalogue here



What’s more, if you sign up as a Tupperware Preferred Customer, you can enjoy another 25% OFF your purchase storewide! Wait, more exciting deals are coming your way! 

Before 30th April, Malaysians can participate in the #FeelingRoyaleBlue Contest and win RM400 worth of Tupperware products! 

Yup, that’s right! Follow the simple steps below to bring the AMAZING prizes home:

  1. Follow @tupperwarebrandsmalaysia on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok
  2. Post your OOTD or cooking content inspired by the Tupperware Royale Blue collection on IG (posts or reels), FB, or TikTok. 
  3. In your post, tag @tupperwarebrandsmalaysia and use the hashtag #FeelingRoyaleBlue 

And that’s it! FIVE lucky winners will be selected for this contest, so stay tuned for the winners’ announcement at Tupperware’s  Instagram and Facebook pages in the first week of May!

Feeling Royaleblue


Are you hosting guests this Raya? Then there’s no better time than now to stock up on some beautiful containers and serveware that are not only decorative but also feature-rich!

Whether you’re trying to store the leftovers or offer your guests some food to bring home, all you have to do is pop the lids of these containers back on, and place them straight in the fridge or hand them to your guests. No transferring required, isn’t it super convenient?! 

For more information about the Tupperware Royale Bule collection, visit your nearest Tupperware business centers, or shop online at eTuppStore! Don’t forget to follow Tupperware on:

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Source: WOB
Source: @keylaazwan
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Source: WOB
Source: WOB

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