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Forever Alone Malaysians Can Customise Potato BFs or GFs This 11/11 Singles Day


This Malaysian Company Is Making Customised Potato Boyfriends Or Girlfriends For 11/11! - World Of Buzz
Source: Kravve

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Most people would know that 11/11 or 11th of November is known as Single’s Day among the Chinese community.

This Malaysian Company Is Making Customised Potato Gifts For 11/11! - World Of Buzz 5

The number ‘one’ symbolises that the person is alone, hence why it is such a special day for all men and women who are flying solo out there.

For quite some time, this occasion has also been linked to being some of the biggest online shopping day in the world. Chinese brands such as Alibaba and Taobao constantly provide massive sales during this celebration.

As for local website Kravve.co, the team is willing to send customised potatoes to you or anyone at all!

What is this customised potato, you ask? Well, you can choose to either have your crush’s face or a customised message on a potato.

This Malaysian Company Is Making Customised Potato Gifts For 11/11! - World Of Buzz 2

You can choose to send it to yourself if you’re #foreveralone and kraving for some love, or you can make it a troll gift for your single friends. Sounds fun! 

Best of all, this made-to-order potatoes cost only RM11.11 with free delivery*!

Usually, Kravve provides free delivery for their other foods if you spend RM50 and above, but they are providing free delivery* just for this special potato parcel!

This offer is only available for the adorable potato, which will be sold from 31 October to 11 November 2017.

Better hurry before this special deal ends!

This Malaysian Company Is Making Customised Potato Gifts For 11/11! - World Of Buzz 3

All you have to do is choose between sending a potato boyfriend, potato girlfriend, or potato message to whoever you want, and then either upload the picture(s) or input your special message in the appropriate section.

If there’s no specific person’s face you can think of, fret not. You also have the option of letting the Kravve team decide what picture goes on your potato! If you like surprises, you’ll like this! 

This Malaysian Company Is Making Customised Potato Boyfriends Or Girlfriends For 11/11! - World Of Buzz 1

Best of all, you can remain anonymous when sending these funny potato gifts. Whether you’re sending a lovely message to your crush or a troll gift to your friends, you can choose not to reveal your identity to the receiver.

Click here to place your orders. #LetTheTrollingBegin #POTATOKRAVVE

*Free delivery only applicable in Peninsular Malaysia. Delivery to East Malaysia has a surcharge of RM4.


What is Kravve.co?

If you’re unfamiliar with Kravve, which rock were you living under? it is actually a Malaysian website selling homemade artisan snacks, condiments, sauces, spreads, and more that infuse local flavours.

They are all homemade by different vendors that are housed under Kravve as a marketplace to sell their products. This means that we are all guaranteed freshly made-to-order items that are also unique and preservative-free.

The website was started by Teh Yong Lin, 24, and Jean Heah, 23, in February 2017 when Yong Lin was chatting with his mum and recommended her to sell her pumpkin jam online.

Founders 1

However, running an independent e-commerce page isn’t easy. There are a lot of e-commerce sites such as Lazada and Goupon too. However, none of them were meant for the type of food that Kravve offers.

The main goal of Kravve after all, is to provide a good management platform for vendors as well a variety-filled marketplace for customers.

Yong Lin told WORLD OF BUZZ,

“We want to make it easy for individuals to sell their food online.”

Using Kravve as a platform to sell their homemade food allows vendors to save time since they need not do certain tasks like deliveries, checking PMs, checking their bank accounts, etc.

Besides that, Yong Lin and Jean have also realised that there are a lot of talented Malaysians who are yet to be discovered. They hope that Kravve will allow all the unique individuals to gain the recognition they deserve.


Homemade goodies we love!

Of course, we were curious to try out their special range of products because we are hungry 24/7, so here are some of the items that the WOB team has tried and highly recommend:

1. Salted egg yolk cornflakes

Img 4421 1

If you’re a fan of the delicious salted egg yolk coated on anything, then this cornflakes is for you because each and every piece is jam-packed with your fave flavour! Are you salivating yet?

Besides, the moment you open the bottle, its aromatic whiff will send you to heaven – stat.


2. Assorted cold-grind nut butters

Img 4428

If nuts and peanut butter are up your alley, you’ll be spoilt for choice with their range of smooth and crunchy nut butters!

We tried the macadamia, walnut and almond nut butters and boy, they’re all super delish! Our favourite of the lot however, is the almond variant. Plus, they’re all pretty flavourful without being overly sweet, so a little surely goes a long way.


3. Homemade Nutella with Belgian chocolate

Img 4426

If you love a good ol’ chocolate hazelnut spread but think Nutella is overrated, then you should totally try this! This bottle of hazelnut mixed with Belgian chocolate is not as sickeningly sweet as the typical mass-produced ones.

In fact, the wonderfully dark Belgian chocolate gives it a bit more bitterness instead of the usual overpowering sweetness of milk chocolate.


4. Authentic Hainanese duck egg kaya

This Malaysian Company Is Making Customised Potato Gifts For 11/11! - World Of Buzz 1

Can’t live without a creamy kaya spread on bread? Here’s a richer alternative that’ll give you less toothache!

It spreads well as it has the perfect consistency without being too thick or watery. The ratio is just right!


5. Orange brandy marmalade jam and mango passion fruit jam

Img 4423

These homemade jams will totally tantalise your taste buds. The orange brandy marmalade jam does contain actual brandy (note: tak halal), but fret not, you won’t get drunk at all from eating this.

The mango passion fruit on the other hand, has the perfect balance between sweet and sour. The texture of the pudding is well-balanced too, making it a delicious snack on its own!


6. Mix-and-match personalised nut butter

Img 4425

This is probably the most unique item sold on Kravve! This vendor actually allows us to customise our nut butters. Meaning, you can choose the specific nut you want and go crazy with the add-ons, which include mocha, chocolate and even turmeric options!

Since there’s a vast list to choose from, this will definitely satisfy anyone’s taste buds. Best of all, no matter how many ingredients you choose, the bottle will still cost the same price. #Winliaolor


7. Salted egg yolk chips

Img 4424

If you like salted egg yolk but can’t stand it when it is too strong, then these potato chips are for you thanks to its subtle flavouring. Plus, if you like a little spice thrown in, these chips provide a hint of heat from the cili padi.

We also found it to taste a bit like butter chicken. Two big thumbs up!


8. Special chilli sauces

Img 4417

Yes, Kravve even sells a range of chilli sauce because why not? Truth is, they’re pretty unique compared to the ones we usually find on supermarket shelves.

There are three levels of spice you can pick. The ‘pangy garlic’ is considered mild, offering a similar taste to that of Thai green curry minus the sweetness.

As for the ‘smokey chillies’, you can definitely smell all the chillies once the bottle is opened. If you’d like something to clear your sinus then a mouth-full of this sauce would probably do the trick! 

Lastly, the ‘fiery chilli’ truly lives up to its name. This chilli sauce is indeed fiery and we totally recommend having it as a side with a plate of chicken rice or a hearty steamboat. 10/10 will get another bottle.


9. Rare healthy foods

Img 4432

Did you know that honey bee pollen is completely edible? Well, they don’t really taste like anything in particular and there’s a vegetable-like smell to it, yet they are extremely beneficial to our health.

That’s because honey bee pollen has approximately 40 per cent protein, which is great to incorporate in a vegetarian diet!

Mulberries are also a great source of anti-oxidants. They taste best when you add them into some yoghurt for a yummy, guilt-free snack!


Interested to try any of these homemade artisan snacks and condiments? Well, lucky you, because all our dearest WOB readers can get RM10 OFF any amount of purchases by using this promo code: WOB10

Plus, you can use this voucher as often as you want and there’s no minimum spend! How cool is that!

And with the special customised potato gift, there’s no need to crack your head anymore wondering what to give your friends or crush on 11th Nov – just send them a potato to express your feelings! 😀

Also, remember to #POTATOKRAVVE when you receive those funny spuds!


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