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Family Searching For Boy Given Away 42 Years Ago, Here’s How You Can Help



Singaporean Family Searching For Boy Given Away 42 Years Ago Using Facebook - World Of Buzz
Source: Jovan Wong

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In most Asian cultures, family is of the utmost importance. This is why most celebrations revolve around ‘balik kampung’, reunion dinners, and open houses.

Sadly, this Singaporean family haven’t been able to celebrate those occasions to the fullest because they’ve been missing a family member for 42 years.

Source: Jovan Wong

Jovan Wong shared how he is searching for his uncle who was given away at a very young age, Mothership reported.

Jovan shared the heartbreaking story on Facebook in hopes of finding him again.

“My uncle, 谢志鸿 (Xie Zhi Hong), had been separated from my grandmother since his birth on 20th July 1975.”

“In this sea of seven billion people, there lives one person whose mother is desperately seeking for her son she had given to a foster family 42 years ago.”

Source: Jovan Wong

“Sacrifices were made in the past. Tough sacrifices.”

“Just like the choice my grandmother made to give her son to Mr. Chia Yee Meng, in the firm belief that he would be more financially able to provide for, raise and nurture his life.”

“Every day, my grandmother prays that there will be someone on this platform (Facebook) who can bring home the one person she has loved unconditionally since day one, but never met.”

The family decided to use Facebook because they believe that social media is a great tool for reconnecting people and preserving long-distance relationships.

The family hopes to have 谢志鸿 (Xie Zhi Hong) back so that they can reunite with him one day.

“We pray that this platform (can bring him) to the place where he will find his mother – the one woman who put her son before anything else.”

“The one woman who would now like to see the person she had conceived, loved and lost.”

“To my uncle, if you see this. Our hearts are ready to receive, ready to welcome you home.”

If you have any relevant information that can be of help to this family, you can contact Jovan or Jennifer Lee via their Facebook or call the numbers +6597373076 or +6593869263.

So, please help spread the word in hopes that this family can be whole again. Perhaps they can finally have EVERYONE together during their next Chinese New Year reunion dinner!


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