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Facial Exercises Can Tighten the Skin & 5 Other Online Beauty ‘Tips’ That Are Actually Just Myths


Facial Exercises Can Tighten The Skin &Amp; X Other Online Beauty ‘Tips’ That Are Nothing More Than Myths - World Of Buzz 7
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It’s human nature to always want to look your best, whether when out in the public or on your social media postings. While some go as far as having skin or facial treatments every week, others resort to following beauty advice from the internet.

But did you know that some of these online beauty ‘tips’ are nothing more than mere myths? Worse, some may even cause more harm than good weh! Here are 6 myths that many of us have heard before but are actually WRONG!


1. “Facial exercises can help tighten your skin”

Facial Exercises Can Tighten The Skin &Amp; X Other Online Beauty ‘Tips’ That Are Nothing More Than Myths - World Of Buzz

Source: wikihow

We’ve seen it online or even from Korean beauty tips. However, in reality, there is no scientific research saying that facial exercises can help tighten your skin. In fact, plastic surgeons agreed that facial exercises can cause deeper expression lines and more wrinkles.

FACT: The hypodermis is the tissue’s fatty layer that lies underneath the skin, and that layer is what keeps our face bouncy and tight. These fat tissues will diminish and cause the skin to sag as we age. Facial muscular stimulation such as facial exercises does not help but causes wrinkles to surface on areas with the thinnest hypodermis. In short, frequent facial exercises make wrinkles show faster and more obvious, and it doesn’t help to tighten the facial skin at all.

So now you can say goodbye to all your face yoga classes.


2. “Don’t laugh too much or your face will wrinkle faster”

Facial Exercises Can Tighten The Skin &Amp; X Other Online Beauty ‘Tips’ That Are Nothing More Than Myths - World Of Buzz 2

You have probably heard this quite often. Well, it may seem credible as the “nasolabial folds” (the scientific term for laugh lines) will appear every time you smile.

FACT: BUT the reason behind that is the diminishing elasticity of the skin as your skin AGES – so it’s not because you’ve been laughing or smiling too often. According to a dermatologist’s explanation, the skin ages and the fatty tissues in the hypodermis will diminish. Since you cannot do anything with ageing, why not just keep on smiling? Now you don’t need to worry about wrinkles and just LOL.


3. “If you have dry skin, drink more water to keep your skin hydrated”

Facial Exercises Can Tighten The Skin &Amp; X Other Online Beauty ‘Tips’ That Are Nothing More Than Myths - World Of Buzz 6
Source: Shutterstock

The typical Asian mum’s advice that would solve every single health problem. However, the truth is drinking excessive water may potentially cause water poisoning or frequent toilet visits at best, while your skin might just stay as dry as before. 

FACT: A dermatologist, Joel Schelessinger explains that staying hydrated doesn’t help your dry skin and it can only get hydrated through natural oil production or topically applied creams, lotions and serums. It’s no doubt that “drinking more water” is amazing for one’s health but don’t 100% depend everything on it! 


4. “Eating chocolate and oily food will cause pimple outbreak”

Facial Exercises Can Tighten The Skin &Amp; X Other Online Beauty ‘Tips’ That Are Nothing More Than Myths - World Of Buzz 3
Source: Insider

Many of us have been told that eating too much of ‘heaty’ food will cause a pimple outbreak, especially during our puberty. And those heaty food has given us so much guilty pleasure besides gaining that unnecessary body weight. But according to an expert, this is not true at all!

FACT: Like any other myths, there is little evidence that proves chocolate or any greasy food will cause acne. On the contrary, excessive sugar or fat can increase the production of sebum, which is facial oil and promote inflammatory responses in the body. So again, it is your imbalanced diet that is causing an acne outbreak – not just greasy food. Too much of anything is not good for your body.


5. “Using too much sunscreen is harmful to you”

Facial Exercises Can Tighten The Skin &Amp; X Other Online Beauty ‘Tips’ That Are Nothing More Than Myths - World Of Buzz 5

Many might think that putting on sunscreen is not great for the skin because it appears oily but did you know that we need it more than anyone else, especially in our sunny hot Malaysian weather? All of us NEED protection from the harmful UV rays!

And surely some people have been telling you that applying sunscreen is bad because of the chemicals oxybenzone and paraben. Oxybenzone is a chemical commonly found in sunscreen that can cause skin allergies such as dry skin, rashes and acne. Paraben can cause faster cell death and nitric oxide production, which can damage the skin when exposed to increased levels of sun. 

FACT: What’s most important is also choosing the right Sunscreen for your skin. Especially when we Malaysians have to frequently walk under the Sun and do our occasional activities.

For instance, the Japanese-made Banana Boat’s new Simply Protect AQUA range contains fewer chemicals (NO oxybenzone and paraben) and is safe for everyday use on our body and face!

Here’s the breakdown of what it has:

  • SPF50+ with PA++++ (this means immense protection wey!)
  • Provides Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection
  • Water-based formula with a lightweight refreshing texture
  • Free of Microplastics
  • No added Oils and Alcohol


Now, you can be worry-free when putting on sunscreen and Face the Sun every day! If you want more info on the amazing product, click here!

[Test] Facial Exercises Can Tighten The Skin &Amp; 5 Other Online Beauty ‘Tips’ That Are Actually Just Myths - World Of Buzz 2

Now that you know the facts, don’t go believing the wrong things again. #GetEducated!


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