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5 Effective Ways To Look and Stay Young



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Looking young and staying beautiful isn’t difficult despite your age. Growing older is something inevitable, but slowing down the aging of your skin is more than possible. Having a younger looking skin can be achieved with these few tips.


1. Water and lemons every morning

lemon water

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If you want your skin to stay young, milk and cereals for breakfast isn’t going to suffice. Instead add a glass of water and squeeze slices of fresh lemons before you consume any meal to start your day. Warm water is most preferable as it does help in preventing a bloated tummy filled with air. One cup of warm water with lemon is enough but if you want to further enhance the effectiveness, more is better in this case. This sounds dull and boring but it is indeed one of the best practice to do every morning. This combination would flush all the toxins from your body, purifying your internal health in general and also improves your skin condition. Not only that, the sour taste from lemons would also awaken your senses and will make you energized throughout the day. Another plus points is that water keeps you hydrated internally which will show upon your skin in being more supple and healthy, giving you a younger and fresher appearance to your skin.


2. Shade from sunlight

under umbrella

The rays from the sun may be only good for your skin until a certain amount. Though many will not see any visible effects until their middle or later age, the sun is actually your enemy when it comes to having younger looking skin. Over-exposure towards sunlight does lead to the early formation of wrinkles and even damages your skin. Normal amount of exposure is also not recommended if you want to have a better, younger skin.

Make it a priority to apply sun lotion whenever you know you might be exposing yourself to the sun. According to studies, exposure to sunlight can almost always be avoided even though the rays might be accidental to your skin. Walking on the park, sunbathing or having coffee under the sun are the sort of activity which will contribute towards an aging skin. The best solution is to always carry a sun lotion with you in your bag to shield you from the sun. Position yourself as a vampire; the sunlight is not good for you.



3. Scrubbing does wonders

scrub face

Simple scrubbing once or twice a week will help in maintaining the youth of your skin. When we say scrubbing, we mean exfoliating the skin. You can do this the natural way through a mixture of baking soda or skin-cleansers which can almost be found in any general pharmacy or skin care product line.

Exfoliation will benefit your skin as it cleanses the surface of your skin and also removes dry, dead skin which may have been trapped in your pores. This prevents your skin from being clogged which may lead to further skin problems such as acne. Also a shinier skin without a dead and dull surface will ensure light to reflect well over your skin surface, giving you that radiant look. A light to medium exfoliation once or twice a week is recommended as strong ones may cause the thinning of your skin which may result in increased skin sensitivity.


4. Have a Bright Smile


In order to look young, your overall facial appearance does matter. Having a perfect teeth does project a younger look and will help you stay and feel young. Perfect teeth are ones which are white and nicely formed in place. The only natural way to do so is to brush your teeth several times daily; common practice being twice a day to prevent staining of your teeth. Smoking is a big nono as it activates the enzymes which causes your skin to lose its elasticity, along with a long list of other health hazards. Food intakes which can stain your teeth such as coffee and tea is also not recommended in your regular consumption.

Alternatively there are many professional teeth whitening systems out there which can also help you to get a whiter and more perfect teeth. Here is one of the best teeth whitening system which we have discovered (Bright Smile Malaysia). The benefits of this whitening system is that it is has the strongest allowed content in the market with 44% Carbamide Peroxide (the bleaching agent) and the set comes with a much cheaper price tag compared to other systems. For more details, check out this product here – Bright Smile Malaysia. Other dental surgeries such as crowning and bracers is significantly effective too as means of restructuring your teeth.


5. Hands off

hands off

This skin is the foremost layer of our body and it is easily damaged, stretched or torn. To ensure a younger looking skin now or in the near future, avoid pressing your acne. If you really have to, do it gently and disinfect your skin afterwards with alcoholic treatment or hydrogen peroxide.

Popping an acne is highly inadvisable. If you really have to for that big date coming, do it the right way or it may lead to further breakouts and scarring. The recommended way to do so is to press all the white gooey substance out. If blood or clear liquid is flowing out, then you’ve probably squeezed all the clog out. Do not deliberately force or over-squeeze as sometimes the white substance may not come out even if you press your acne with all your might. Doing so may only leave stretch marks and scars which will be difficult to heal. If the white clog isn’t coming out after two or three attempts, it is a good sign to stop and leave your skin alone.

Another thing to consider to maintain the youth of your skin is to avoid rubbing or scratching your face excessively. Putting pressure on your skin will only degrade the condition of your skin even though it may be incidental. These simple stretches will eventually ease the formation of wrinkles. In short, keep your hands off your face.


There you have it, 5 ways which will certainly help in maintaining and improving your skin condition so your skin will look and stay young. Get more beauty tips only at World Of Buzz.

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