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Cruel Woman Chops Off Her Dog’s Paw As Punishment For Annoying The Neighbours




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Dogs are a man’s best friend, as the saying goes. There’s plenty of truth in that statement, as time and time again dogs have proven to be incredibly loyal and having nothing but love to shower their owners with. In fact, check out this story about how a dog waited for his owner to return in the same spot for 4 years.

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And yet, there are some incredibly cruel individuals who don’t seem to have any empathy for these animals at all! In a viral Instagram video shared by user @youth.for.social.change, a woman in Vietnam did a horrific thing to a helpless dog! Beware, the following content is incredibly gory. Viewer discretion is advised. View the link at your own risk!

According to the caption included in the Instagram post, the dog shown in the video is a 3-year old pooch named Mina. Initially allowed to run about freely in the yard of her owner’s home, Mina wound up being chained against a pillar as neighbours who lived around Mina’s owners grew annoyed by how she was chasing after their chickens and ducks.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

So in what can only be described as violent cruelty, Mina’s owner decided that she had to be punished and chopped off her paw with a meat cleaver. What in God’s name were you thinking, lady?!

Mina was then left bleeding from her leg as she whined in obvious agony from the distressing incident. Left without proper medical care for days, local animal activists were able to save her after intense backlash from the online community pressured Mina’s owners to let her go. Due to the state of her wound, the doctor had to amputate a great deal of Mina’s leg.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

While initially slated for international adoption, Mina has since been moved to an animal shelter in Vietnam where she will live out the rest of her life among those who can truly care and cherish her. Updates of her condition can be found here.

It is always important to remember that animals of all species deserve to be treated with love and care. We sincerely hope that activists can do something to help Mina, and pray that nothing happens to her again! The Instagram video has been viewed over 422,355 times.


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