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“Thank you Ruhainies, for breaking my family apart” – Bella Astillah & Aliff Aziz are OFFICIALLY Divorced


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Source: Instagram | bellaastillah & Kosmo

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After suffering major damages and heartbreaks, some connections are just not salvageable even if you go to the moon and back. It was officially the end for Malaysian actress, Bella Astillah and her Singaporean husband, Aliff Aziz.

The couple are officially divorced as of yesterday (June 13), and in a Facebook post, Bella shared her reflection about the broken marriage and the journey she had been through, forgiveness after forgiveness.

“I’ve always wanted a lasting family but I cannot fight fate. How many chances have I given, only to be disappointed again and again?”

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Bella said she felt that only she was fighting throughout this journey, and highlighted that if the same mistake is repeated more than once, it’s not a mistake but a choice.

“To my ex-friend Ruhainies, thank you”

So, what’s next for Bella?

Following the end of the marriage, Bella made it clear that she was going to focus on her children only and not going to fight for anything. She also expressed her fear of loving the next person.

“The deeper I love, the stronger the pain when we part ways.”

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As for the events that have taken place, Bella said,

“No regrets. I take this as a life experience and a test.”

Bella also thanked all her friends for understanding and for the continuous support but in her post, she dedicated a “special thanks” to her former BFF, Ruhainies, another Malaysian actress who was caught for Khalwat with Aliff in her apartment.

“To my ex-friend Ruhainies, thank you for breaking this family apart. My children have lost their father.”

As for Aliff Aziz, he told media friends that he was going to reflect on himself. When asked about his career, in which the future seems bleak as of now, Aliff said that he believed there are opportunities anywhere.

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At the time of writing (June 14), Ruhainies has yet to respond to the divorce.

Regardless, we wish both Bella and Aliff can focus on the new chapters ahead of them.


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Source: Kosmo

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