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Baby Starves To Death After Young Parents Abandoned Her for a Week to Hang Out With Friends



Baby Starves To Death After Parents Abandoned Her for a Week to Hang Out With Friends - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: The Korea Times
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Married couples, even parents, get into arguments all the time, and it is one part of being together that cannot be avoided without facing repercussions. But to make the relationship work, it takes two individuals who are willing to set their differences aside and find a way to solve the problem together.

However, whether they are fighting or not, their responsibilities do not cease to exist. Fathers and mothers still have to carry out their duties as parents because their kids still depend on them. This did not seem like something that a young South Korean couple was aware of as their negligence and lack of communication led to the death of their 7-month-old baby girl.

According to The Korea Times, the 18-year-old mother and 21-year-old father had a huge fight on the night of 23rd May, which ended in them walking out of their apartment. However, neither of them returned to their home under the assumption that their partner would go home to take care of their daughter.

Source: Stuff

The most absurd thing about this case is that neither of them went back for a whole week! Instead, both of them went out to socialise with their friends without bothering to check on each other or their baby. The mother posted photos of herself drinking every day from 25th May to 31st May on her social media.

“Drinking yesterday and drinking today. I’m really going through it,” she wrote in one of her captions.

Source: AsiaOne

Meanwhile, the father went to a cyber cafe to play games with his friend, and it was only on 31st May that he went back home and found his baby daughter dead.

The couple attempted to hide the baby’s body in a cardboard box, but it was later discovered by the guy’s father on 2nd June. They were then reported to the police and arrested on the charges of child abuse causing death.

While investigations are still being conducted, an autopsy revealed that the baby did not have any food in her stomach at the point of death, which implies that she was starved to death.

How could the couple have done such a thing and left their baby alone for a whole week? Poor baby! RIP 🙁


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