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9 Things You Can Buy in 2016 Instead of the New Apple Watch



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First we have smartphones, now smartwatches are slowly taking over your conventional time-telling device. As cool as they are, the new Apple watch that recently launched in Malaysia is selling for at least RM1,599 and if you’re feeling fancy, you can purchase their pimped up version of the smartwatch for over RM57,000! Yup, we’re talking about the 18-Karat Rose Gold edition. Dang that’s literally balling right there!


With all that money, here are some other things you could seriously do with it instead.


1. Treat yourself to good food

Parks And Recreation Retta Donna Meagle Treat Yo Self

Hey, we’re in Malaysia after all and the country’s been voted as the top 6th destination with the best food in the WORLD last year! So treat yourself to some good fancy dining or delicious buffet, plus you’ll have extra money for drinks too.

Try options such as a good buffet in Lemon Garden Cafe which would cost about RM80++ to RM120++. Or settle for a more for-value buffet at about RM70 in Mitasu. Got it? Ok, you may now stuff yourself to death with food!

If the lavish lifestyle isn’t your thing, go ahead and treat yourself to some yummy local delicacies. Heck, you can belanja the whole kopitiam nasi lemak instead of spending it on an Apple smartwatch.



2. A new smartphone

Huawei Honor X2 Android 5 0 Mediapad X2 4G Lte Phone Gem 703L Octa Core 2

Like seriously. Why fork out over 4 digits just for a watch when you can use it to replace your half-dying phone instead? We all know if your smartphone lasts more than 3 years, it’s already a miracle.


3. Shopping Spree

26 Priceyish Things You Should Definitely Buy In Your Twenties

This isn’t just for girls, there are plenty of things guys could also shop for. Clothes, hair products, accessories, you name it. If I had the money, I would’ve chosen to spend it on several things instead of one super expensive gadget. Get yourself groceries while you’re at it! #practicality

Plus, clothes usually go for about RM50, depending on the brand you buy. And RM1,599 can buy you 32 new ones! That’s literally one new shirt every day for a month!


4. Adrenaline rush

Bungee Jumping At Sunway Lagoon4

Live life! YOLO a little. Try bungee jumping for only RM120 in Sunway Lagoon’s extreme park or jump out of an airplane and sky dive for RM1,250. These two will definitely get your heart racing and the thrill is something you’ll have to try, at least before you hit mid 30s.


5. As a ‘Thank You’ to your parents

Let’s be honest here, when’s the last time you bought something or treated your parents to a meal? Our beloved mom and dad raised us up with their blood, sweat and tears since we were a small human and morph us into who we are today. Damn, things are getting deep.

Instead of an expensive smartwatch, use that RM1,599 to treat them to a good meal. Or turn it up a notch by buying groceries, it shouldn’t even exceed RM500 to prepare a delicious feast and you will be able to spend some bonding time preparing the meal together as a family.

Many might overlook spending on their parents when they’ve forgotten that our very own parents have always been the one who provide for us. I’m not even gonna lie, I was guilty for that too. Some might even selfishly think of it as an “entitlement”. No. Our parents don’t owe us anything and they didn’t have to go all out to provide for us. The least we could do is show them the appreciation! #wakeupcall #realtalk


6. “Gold” Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper.

A replica of this can be bought at about RM160 and still make you feel fancy enough. Because let’s be real, if you can afford real gold toilet paper which is sold at USD1.3 million, just to wipe off your crap, then you must be doing some illegal shit! Pun not intended.


7. Honor Band Z1

Honor Band Z1 5

Eh? A smartwatch for only RM259?! Lemme grab one of these instead and I would still have money to spend on other things I want!

The Honor Band Z1 is not only stylish for your everyday lifestyle but it is also a fitness tracker which has precision tracking to count your steps taken, calories burnt, sleep patterns & also works as a stopwatch for running. Now you can keep track of your fitness level on the go, plus it takes only 10 minutes to charge for a full day use!

Honor 1

Although the smartwatch cost 6 times less than that of the cheapest Apple watch, its modern Scandinavian design is created to embody elegance. We especially love their stainless steel rim! Also, there will not be any bulky buttons to ruin their elegant minimalistic design. Everything is accessible on the soft-lit touch screen.

Besides telling time, it syncs with your smartphone so you’re able to receive notifications when there’s an incoming call and read messages or even emails on it. You’ll never have to miss anything again and you can even be discreet about the incoming notifications with its vibration alerts. Its like wearing a spy gadget with you!

Honor Model

Don’t judge their simplistic outlook too quickly because you’ll be surprised at their impressive data processing powers which ensures a smooth user experience. It’s integrated and independent Bluetooth chip even allows for faster paired connections and a wireless range of 10 meters. Now you’ll really feel like a spy!

What’s more, it’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it getting soaked in the rain or when you go swimming up to a depth of 1.5 metres. The smartwatch is available in 3 colours namely black, white and khaki (yellow-brown), and also has a customizable display so you can pick one that suits you better. Whether you want a more sporty look, elegant or classic, it’s all there to your choosing.

Honor Color

To get more details or buy it online, check out here! You can also stay updated with the latest news from Honor themselves by liking their FB page here.

Huawei Honor Band 3 0


8. An adventure

Travel Globe Animated Gif

Buy a ticket to anywhere you want to go. Jump on a plane or go on a road trip and get that much needed getaway from your routine life. All you wanderlusters know what I’m talking about. That experience when you travel is indescribable. You know what? I’ll be doing just that.

Heck, buy an Honor watch (RM259), travel to Bangkok (RM300), go on a shopping spree (RM300) AND treat yourself to good food (RM100). The whole package would still only cost you about RM959 on average! And if you’re hesitant on going overseas, spend it on travelling in Malaysia. We have so much to offer!

Having a smartwatch around would allow you to track how many steps you’ve walked and the calories you’ve burnt THEN have all the more reason to eat all the food! Not only that, you can even crap it all out with a replica of the gold toilet paper if you want to and still all of this wouldn’t cost as much.


9. Gift for a loved one


You know how we are usually not willing to splurge on ourselves but when it comes to a loved one, money starts flying out the window? Well, we’re not asking you to dump wads of cash away but a gift for your beloved would be far more worth it than a 4 figure smartwatch. Sure you can refer to points 1 to 7 for gift ideas, or you know what, get them all! Okay, maybe not.

Some fancy candle light dinner should cost you about RM500 and you’d still have RM1,000 to buy a jaw-dropping gift. Be it a sleek wallet for him (usually priced at RM500) or some jewelry for her (RM300 to RM1,000), whatever it is you plan on settling for, remember to top it off with a card, because trust me, cards mean a lot more than the gift itself.

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