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9 Food Places You Must Try in Butterworth Penang



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We’ve always read about all the places we must try at certain places and states. Now let’s divert our attention to a smaller town in Penang mainland, the good ol’ Butterworth! It has a variety of mouthwatering food to offer with really affordable prices, some as low as RM10 per person. Planning a trip to the Penang island? Here’s a list of some restaurants or stalls that you should stop by. These places would definitely tickle your taste buds and leave you craving for more!


1. Sweet Paradise Dim Sum Restaurant 

dim sum

This place is one of the largest dim sum restaurants on mainland. Their huge variety of both steamed and fried dim sums will certainly leave you spoilt for choice. If you are more of a noodles person, they also serve various types of bee hoon and mee. The best part is completing your meal with some of their delicious pastries, especially the crispy egg tarts.


2. Nasi Kandar Bawah Pokok 

nasi kandar

Also known as “Nasi Kandar Telekom”, this nasi kandar stall obtained it name from operating on a pushcart opposite the Telekom building. The dishes they offer includes ayam kicap, ayam masak merah, sup ekor, sup kambing, sotong, bendi, telur burung puyuh and many others. Their operation hours only starts at night, but be prepared for a long queue that can stretch up to 10 meters!


3. Kedai Kopi Ambassadress  


If you are a fan of claypot dishes, this coffee shop is the place for you! While they also serve other dishes like chee cheong fun and wan tan mee, their claypot chicken rice is to die for. The wait may be a little long especially during peak hours, but once you have your first taste, you’ll believe its all worth it. They toss in generous amounts of chicken pieces, salted fish and an egg to compliment the claypot rice.


4. Khunthai Restaurant


Located on Permatang Tengah off Jalan Raja Uda, this restaurant as its name is perceived, serves Thai food. They are famous for their mouth watering Steamed Lemon Squid and Lala, Steamed Fish, Crab and ofcourse, Tomyam.




5. Ah Kok Hokkien Mee

prawn mee

Started since 1968, this family recipe has been passed down for two generations! They are known for their Hokkien Prawn Mee, Loh Mee and Cham Loh which uses home boiled base for that added taste of authenticity. The restaurant is located in Jalan Raja Uda, home to many local delicacies.



6. Sin Bee Chiew  


This is a very famous halal Hailam Chinese restaurant which serves a large number of Muslim customers. They are well known for their chicken chop and other dishes such as fried noodles, dried chili chicken and sweet sour fish. Plain as it may sound, their fried rice is also highly recommended. However, be sure to ask for extra sambal which compliments the overall dish amazingly well.


7. Mee Goreng Noor Mohamed 


Despite being called a “mee goreng” shop, this place also serve other Penangites favorites such as pasembur and mee rebus. The mee goreng “special” comes with a few slices of chewy squid, not to mention a rather large portion, which is perfect for sharing, unless you’re a big eater yourself. Cool yourself with a delicious bowl of ice kacang along with your meal, and you will be left wanting more.



8. Char Koay Teow Bagan 

char kuey teow

Who could possibly say no to a delicious plate of char koay teow?! Operating only at night from 8.00pm onwards in Pasar Awam Sri Bagan, you can choose if you want koay teow, bee hoon or mee and either chicken egg or duck egg. If you are a big eater or just really hungry, you may need two servings as the portion may be slightly small for some. Best eaten there instead of taking away, you will find yourself recommending it to your friends after your visit here.


9. Sri Ananda Bahwan


They are a banana leaf rice franchise with a few branches throughout Malaysia. If you’re up for something spicy while in Butterworth, here is definitely the place to be. You can opt for the traditional banana leaf rice set and add on some non-vegetarian dishes like butter chicken or fried fish. For those who fancy for something lighter, try their naan or tandoori chicken instead.

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