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8 Things Most Malaysians Still Don’t Know About Sex


[Test] 8 Things Most Malaysians Still Don'T Know About Sex - World Of Buzz

Having been through the education system in Malaysia when we were growing up, you’ll discover that one of the things Malaysia is sorely lacking in the education system is definitely sex education.

Most of us get awkward when talking about anything sexual because we were told it was a taboo subject to bring up. Of course, it doesn’t help that we grew up in the typically shy/conservative Asian family either!

8 Things Most Malaysians Still Don't Know About Sex - World Of Buzz 9

However, people need to realise that talking about sex is not something to be ashamed of. In fact, it is better to have the proper information given to us! Due to the lack of sex education among teens and young adults, we often find ourselves confused and having misconceptions about it, and this will lead to potential mistakes. So here are some essential facts and statistics about sex that Malaysians need to know!


1. Having a lot of sex WON’T make a woman’s vagina loose

This saying is often heard on TV or seen on the internet, but it is actually a myth.

8 Things Most Malaysians Still Don't Know About Sex - World Of Buzz

Truth is, being ‘loose’ or ‘tight’ depends on the man and having vaginal intercourse does not permanently stretch a woman’s genital. Women usually need 20-30 minutes of foreplay (hugging, kissing, caressing) to properly loosen up their muscles and be well lubricated. Yes guys, you know what to do! However, anxiety does make a woman clench their vagina muscles tighter.

Either that, or she was just not into you. Time to make a graceful exit, boys!

8 Things Most Malaysians Still Don't Know About Sex - World Of Buzz 1


2. Washing the female private parts with water after intercourse does NOT prevent pregnancy

A survey by Durex shockingly revealed that 1 out of 10 Malaysians believed that washing the female vagina with water after sexual intercourse could prevent pregnancy, while 36% were unsure whether performing the act while standing up will prevent it either!

8 Things Most Malaysians Still Don't Know About Sex - World Of Buzz 2

Yes, a whopping 36% of the respondents are not sure if having sex while standing up could lead to pregnancy. The answer my dear follow readers is.. Yes. YES IT ABSOLUTELY DOES LEAD TO PREGNANCY. 

While many thought pulling out/not ejaculating inside the woman would do the trick, actually the small amounts of pre-cum during intercourse could potentially lead to a baby!


3. Not all women reach orgasm through penile penetration

Women are complex, emotional creatures that are simply a wonder of nature. But it doesn’t just stop at the emotional part, they are complicated physically too! So it’s not surprising to find out that most women cannot reach orgasm through penetration alone, instead it is most often achieved through clitoris stimulation as well. So, better start getting your skillz down guys.

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4. Men are not necessarily more sexually active than women

Studies have shown that women have much higher sex drives than most men think. There are less ‘playgirls’ than there are ‘playboys’ but that doesn’t mean females are any less horny than their male counterpart. *Wink, wink*

While some study suggests that most women require an emotional connection with their partner before engaging in sexual intercourse, other studies including Daniel Bergner’s research reveals that women’s sex drive is “not, for the most part, sparked or sustained by emotional intimacy and safety.”

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5. You can get STDs from oral sex

Most people thought that as long as there isn’t any penetration action, you’ll be able to stay clear from STDs. WRONG! Having oral sex exposes you to infections such as Gonorrhea, genital herpes, syphilis and sometimes even chlamydia and HIV. Yes, all these names ARE pretty scary.

8 Things Most Malaysians Still Don't Know About Sex - World Of Buzz 5


6. The size of the men’s tool doesn’t really matter

The saying “size does matter” is not applicable when it comes to a man’s junk size. While it has been stereotyped that ‘bigger is better’, many women have said otherwise. The performance in bed doesn’t entirely depend on size but is attributed to the technique and sometimes shape of the penis does come into play. Some women have confessed that a hooked shaped penis felt much better when compared to a larger sized straight penis.

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However, the number one factor to ‘good sex’ is the emotional connection you feel with your partner and the communication you have in between. Don’t be shy when guiding each other in bed, we aren’t mind readers! Also, do speak out anytime you feel uncomfortable or want to stop!


7. Condoms are the ONLY contraceptives that prevent pregnancy AND STDs

There’s nothing wrong with having a baby… unless you’re not ready for it! Both emotionally and financially!

As a preventive measure for unplanned pregnancies, a condom (which is the most accessible contraceptive method) is used when a couple engage in sex. With a 98% effectiveness rate against pregnancy, condoms also prevent the transmission of STDs while other contraceptives don’t.

8 Things Most Malaysians Still Don't Know About Sex - World Of Buzz 7


8. You CAN get pregnant when you’re on your period

Some may think that since ovulation means the discharge of the women’s egg, there would no chance of getting pregnant. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but that is in fact, incorrect.

Astoundingly, more Malaysian females (71%) responded incorrectly compared to males (61%). That figure is something that we should all be concerned about.

8 Things Most Malaysians Still Don't Know About Sex - World Of Buzz 8

See the importance of having sex education?

Of course, practicing abstinence is the most effective method of all. But can everyone really do that? I can literally feel everyone rolling their eyes right now.

7 Things Most Malaysians Still Don't Know About Sex - World Of Buzz

BUT when your raging hormones for your loved one gets out of hand, just remember to practice safe sex always. NO EXCUSES!

Let a brother help another brother out. If you not sure what condoms are there, nah! Check these brand new babies out here, and spice up your bedroom life 😉 You’re welcome!

7 Things Most Malaysians Still Don't Know About Sex - World Of Buzz 1

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