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8 Things All M’sians Grew Up Believing After Watching American TV Shows


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As a kid, you were probably super gullible and believed just about anything you read or saw, especially on TV! Confirm you used to believe that everything that happened in TV shows was real. Don’t have to lie, we know it’s true! 😂

If that sounds like you, let’s look at the eight things all Malaysians grew up believing after watching American TV shows and see if you remember any of them:


1. It’s normal to wear shoes indoors and even on the bed! 

Astro 3 E1628042681199

This is one thing we’re so glad isn’t true because why would you even wear shoes in the house?! Almost all Western TV shows normalised wearing shoes indoors regardless of where they’ve been 🤢

As Malaysians, our parents will probably rotan us if they saw us wearing shoes indoors so it’s best to just leave your shoes at the door before entering the house!


2. You can always show up at your best friend’s house unannounced 


Let’s be real, guys… we live in Asian households. No one is that free to hang out all the time! We got extra class lah, tuition lah, sports practice lah. Plus, our mums would need a week’s notice before having visitors just so they can clean up the house!

While it was alright for friends to come over once in a while with parental supervision, showing up unannounced was simply never the case! Well, in our household at least. 😢


3. Step-mums and mums-in-law are always portrayed as evil or overprotective 

Istockphoto 1175583392 612X612 1

It goes without saying that most American (and Asian) TV shows and movies are guilty of this. In fact, there have been some pretty hilarious movies dedicated solely to overprotective mums-in-law and mothers!

For example, in the TV show Keluarga Baha Don, the matriarch Mama Don plays an overbearing and super overprotective mother! But in reality, this is not always the case lah. 


4. Drinking milk out of the carton from the fridge looked pretty cool

Astro 4 E1628055873922

While this may be acceptable if you live alone, we just know our Malaysian moms would scold us if they ever saw us drinking anything straight out of the packaging!

Plus, you don’t even know where that carton of milk has been before you bought it! Please just use a cup, okay? 😩


5. There’s always a table full of breakfast food every morning 

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This was something we always looked forward to as kids ’cause we also wanted waffles, pancakes and more for breakfast! But in reality, we only have time to eat soft boiled eggs and rush out the door.

That is if we even have time for breakfast, right? Most mornings, it’s just a cup of coffee while sitting in traffic on the way to school or work. 💤


6. During breakfast, they just take a few bites of their food and then leave for work or school 

Istockphoto 966947362 612X612 1

Well, if we were to wake up to an amazing breakfast spread every morning, best believe we’re going to eat every last bit of it before we head out the door!

Also, we were taught never to waste food growing up! Anyone ever heard of the crying rice story? Just me? Okay…


7. All house parties use that signature red cup for their drinks 

Beer Pong

Ask anyone you know and they confirm know which red cup we’re referring to! This mysterious cup appears in almost ALL American house parties on TV.

So much so that even some people in Malaysia go out of their way to buy these red cups for their house parties for that American feel! Wah 😛


8. The gangsters or mafia are always scary-looking, muscular Russians or old Italians 

Baha Don 002

Whenever we watched TV growing up, the gangsters or mafias in any show always seem to be played by men who are insanely muscular & scary-looking! They are also almost always Russian or old Italians. Ahem, Godfather. 

But this is not always true. While they may seem scary and unapproachable, they can actually be pretty generous & loveable too! Mafia families are also notoriously known for always putting their families above everything.

As an example, the patriarch in Keluarga Baha Don was actually a loving husband and a doting father!

Don’t believe us? Well, let us prove you wrong!

In Malaysia’s very first mafia-comedy Keluarga Baha Don, you’ll see how this mafia family is unlike any other! They’re funny, loving and incredibly entertaining. 🍿🤩

Wait… it’s a comedy??


Yas! While a comedy about a mafia family may sound like two contrasting worlds,  Keluarga Baha Don pulls it off amazingly!


Wow, this is interesting. What is Keluarga Baha Don all about? 

The mafia-comedy is centred around a Malaysian family called The Dons. When their father dies abruptly, Jo Don (Remy Ishak), had to cut his culinary career in France short to inherit his father’s business only to realise his father was actually a local Godfather who used his business as a cover for illegal dealings in the food business. So drama!

In the current season, Mat Don is the new don in town and Jo can finally pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a chef. However, when Mat’s recklessness jeopardizes the family and opens the door to their nemesis Bobby BS Bacan, Jo must then put his dreams on hold once again in order to save the family.

Wow, sounds interesting right?! 😮 Just watch the season 3 trailer below and you’ll understand the hype:

With a star-studded cast that includes celebrities like Remy Ishak, Susan Lankester, Tiara Jacquelina, Tony Eusoff and an ensemble of the country’s most popular and prolific comedy actors, it’s no wonder Keluarga Baha Don has managed to capture the hearts of Malaysians!

But, do you wanna know what’s the BEST part of all?!

You can watch the first three episodes of Keluarga Baha Don season 3 for FREE on VIU! 🎬

Is this real life?! Yasss! Not only can you enjoy the free episodes, but if you subscribe to VIU you can also binge-watch season 1 and season 2! Yay, more shows to watch during MCO 😍

All you have to do is click here, grab a bag of popcorn and you’re ready to start your Keluarga Baha Don marathon!



Oh, cool! Are there any other interesting things we should know about Keluarga Baha Don? 

But of course! You’d be proud to know that Keluarga Baha Don won Best Comedy Programme at the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2019! Wah 🏅

Jihan Muse, who plays Kesuma in the series, also took home an Asian Academy Creative Award for Best Comedy Performance! We’re super proud of these Malaysian actors bringing our name upon the world stage. 👏🏻

And we think it’s pretty cool that Viu Malaysia pushes the boundaries of the local entertainment industry. I mean, this is Malaysia’s first-ever mafia-comedy and they’ve already won awards for it?! So proud! ❤️

To watch Keluarga Baha Don, just click here! If you want to know more about VIU, visit their website now.


What have you guys been binge-watching this MCO? Share with us in the comments! 


Source: iStock Photo
Source: iStock Photo
Source: Pinterest
Source: iStock Photo
Source: VIU

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