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8 Super Cool Things to Check Out at This Year’s Bigger & Badder Big Bad Wolf Sale



Big Bad Wolf 2017: Here Are 8 New Things To Look Forward To! - World Of Buzz 12
Source: Big Bad Wolf Books and Dani Rachmat

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Malaysians are definitely well acquainted with the Big Bad Wolf Sale by now. Not only is it the biggest book sale in the whole of Malaysia, they are actually the biggest in the entire world!

We cheapskate thrifty Malaysians particularly love the BBW Sale due to its massive slash in prices. The awesome wolf provides markdowns of up to 95 per cent off! The big bad wolf isn’t so bad after all.

Big Bad Wolf 2017: Here Are 8 New Things To Look Forward To! - World Of Buzz 7

The sale came to Kuala Lumpur, the wolf’s first city in the country, in 2009. The wolf brought along books of all genres to cater to all ages.

To highlight this amazing sale is how it’s 24 hours throughout! Meaning you can literally go over to the sale hall at 3am and do some book shopping. Trust me, it’s therapeutic.

Well, for this year’s BBW Sale, things seem to be much more different than the past few years. In fact, there are so many amazing things incoming, we just had to list everything out for you!

When you go for this year’s BBW sale, keep your eyes peeled for these amazing offers and activities!


1. There will be 4.5 million books on sale

Big Bad Wolf 2017: Here Are 8 New Things To Look Forward To! - World Of Buzz

Source: kl expat

Yes, there will actually be millions of books available. Thus far, this year’s BBW sale will contain the most amount of books compared to its past sales.

So you can bet your bookworm bum that you will be scrolling through endless ailes of books in the Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC).

There are English, Malay and Chinese books from various genres for our enjoyment. How am I supposed to choose those books?


2. No cash? Forgot your credit card? No problem!

The old school way of paying via cash and even cards are no longer the ‘in’ thing. Now, people just pay using their phones. There are many ways for people to pay using their phones, but over at the BBW sale, you can use “vCash”.

vCash is so cool because you can just scan the bar code and pay using that method. You only need to download the app and register. It’s that simple!


3. Thailand’s famous ‘After You’ will be popping up!

Remember when we announced that After You will be arriving on our shores for the first time? Well, the world-renowned Thai dessert parlour will be opening a pop-up store at the book sale!

That means visitors can enjoy their popular ice kakigori and toast desserts without having to travel overseas!


4. More amazing food choices available and FREE coffee treats

Big Bad Wolf 2017: Here Are 8 New Things To Look Forward To! - World Of Buzz 8

If you get hungry while flipping through the millions of books there, you can drop by After You’s pop-up store, or visit the many other makan places that will be ever ready to serve you. You can taste an array of cakes made by Madeleine Cafe or indulge in a hot cuppa from Coffex.

PS: The first 200 customers of BBW will also enjoy free coffee treats! If you don’t want the freebies, give me ya 😛


5. Meet Ejen Ali!

Big Bad Wolf 2017: Here Are 8 New Things To Look Forward To! - World Of Buzz 3

Source: tonton

Before this, it has always been just a book sale, and probably some stalls selling food and merchandise here and there. Now, they are actually bringing in lots of other elements to keep visitors totally engaged, entertained and energised!

There will be a collaboration between Tonton and Ejen Ali, the Malaysian cartoon series. Participants can play exciting missions, listen to live reading by the Ejen Ali cast, and even meet and greet the Ejen Ali mascots.

If you want some super amazing Ejen Ali merchandise, then look forward to the ‘Bonus Hour’ where there will be amazing promotions. Plus, there are even colouring and quiz contests!


6. There will be a signing session with local authors

Big Bad Wolf 2017: Here Are 8 New Things To Look Forward To! - World Of Buzz 5

Source: eksentrika

BBW will actually be partnering with local publisher Buku FIXI to promote works by local Malay authors. There will be a special book signing for the title Cukaria All-Stars, which is a compilation of short stories by multiple authors.

So, not only will you be able to get these wonderful books at BBW, you even get to meet the authors themselves. How cool is that!


7. Kids can learn how to stay safe on the internet

Big Bad Wolf 2017: Here Are 8 New Things To Look Forward To! - World Of Buzz 9

Throughout the fair, DiGi will present DiGi’s Cyberspace, an educational programme designed to promote internet safety for school children. DiGi will also give away books and offer gaming opportunities during the event.


8. You can learn about space with Petrosains

Big Bad Wolf 2017: Here Are 8 New Things To Look Forward To! - World Of Buzz 6

Source: wp hotel

Every Klang Valley kid from the early 2000 onward definitely knows and might have been to Petrosains located in Suria KLCC.

It is an educational science theme park that allows the public to learn about how our world works. Though they are catered especially for young children, even adults will find it pretty informative.

Well, now kids can easily explore the moon, stars, sun and constellations at the Petrosains Star Lab, an inflatable dome which can accommodate up to 30 people at a time for each session that lasts 15 minutes.


So, there you have it, plenty of fun, educational and interactive activities to enjoy at this year’s Big Bad Wolf Sale, on top of the massive selection of books. Plus, the special array of food and beverages available are a huge bonus too!

The previous BBW sales have always been rather book sale-centric. Now that the sale is turning more into a fun affair, it definitely sounds like everyone of all ages will be having a good time 24/7!

Big Bad Wolf 2017: Here Are 8 New Things To Look Forward To! - World Of Buzz 10

Hence, you should totally mark your calendars as the sale starts at 7am on December 8, and will last until 11.59pm on December 18, 2017. 

Remember, all BBW sales are open 24 hours! Don’t know about you, but we definitely would NOT want to miss out on this one. 🙂


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The Harry Potter Wizarding World Exhibition Is Coming To Bangkok This December! - World Of Buzz 8

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