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8 Reasons Malaysians are Actually the Smartest People in the World


11 Times Malaysians Are Actually The Smartest People In The World - World Of Buzz

As Malaysians, there are countless things we do that are unique and probably not done anywhere else in the world. However, despite the many cultures present, we Malaysians are all still pretty similar in one way or another.

In fact, some of the very common Malaysian things we do on a daily basis prove just how alike we actually are, in spite of our differences. Some of these things also goes to show just how smart and efficient we are in our own way. Here are some of the things you’ve most probably done before:

1. We use technology to its fullest potential

X Times Malaysians Are Actually The Smartest People In The World - World Of Buzz

source: twitter

Not only are smartphones good for taking Insta-worthy photos, but they also help a lot in school. It helps us “take notes” faster and by doing this, we avoid any mistakes in our notes too!


2. We leave home late for work on purpose because we’d rather die than get stuck in traffic

X Times Malaysians Are Actually The Smartest People In The World - World Of Buzz 1

source: the star

Okay, let’s be honest, we actually overslept that first time, but to our surprise, traffic wasn’t as congested during that time. So from then on, we completely gave up waking up early altogether.


3. Speaking of being late, we like to save time by doing most of our morning preparations in the car

X Times Malaysians Are Actually The Smartest People In The World - World Of Buzz 2

source: youtube

From having breakfast, putting on our shoes and applying make-up, to doing up our hair and fixing our tie, there’s nothing we can’t do, especially when we often get stuck in Malaysian traffic.


4. We tumpang our friends/family members who return from overseas to buy us duty-free stuff from the airport

They probably didn’t buy us any cool souvenirs anyway, so might as well get them to buy us something from the airport!


5. Wearing flip flops all day, every day but also keeping a pair of shoes in the car just in case

Regardless of gender, we Malaysians absolutely LOVE our flip flops. They’re affordable, comfortable, and (most of the time) they go with anything! Shorts, skirts, pants, you name it. However, many of us are also aware of the importance of proper shoes and having to look good at times, so we chuck an extra pair (or two) of dressy shoes in our car, for emergencies. It’s genius. Now we’re ready for anything.


6. Creating 23947296 different email accounts just so we’re eligible for that free trial or promo code, again

8 Times Malaysians Are Actually The Smartest People In The World - World Of Buzz 1

Source: spotify

Most free trials or promo codes are for new subscribers or first time shoppers only, so what happens when we’ve used up our free trial and want more free trials? Make another brand new email account of course, and another, and another, and another.  I have 15 email accounts now. 


7. We all use that one excuse to get us out of any function: “My mom said no.”

X Times Malaysians Are Actually The Smartest People In The World - World Of Buzz 7

Source: shutterstock

Even if she said we could go, we’d tell our friends otherwise because we don’t want to go, and also, who would question an Asian mom’s authority? Thanks to this, we get to stay home and chill with our TV shows all day, every day. Thanks mom!


8. Speaking of TV shows, we know how to leverage on free stuff like watching the latest shows on Astro anytime on demand by simply connecting our Astro PVR to WiFi

X Times Malaysians Are Actually The Smartest People In The World - World Of Buzz 8

Source: flickr

We Malaysians take our TV shows very seriously, and the worst possible thing that could happen to us is when we accidentally stumble upon spoilers of our favourite TV series. Unfortunately, this happens pretty often especially since most shows air in the US or the UK way before it airs here in Malaysia. Tragic.

Lucky for us, with Astro, we can watch the latest TV series on the same day it airs in the US! Some of these shows include:

[Test] 8 Reasons Malaysians Are Actually The Smartest People In The World - World Of Buzz

Additionally, if you’re not up to speed on all the latest shows yet, Astro’s got that covered too! In case you need to catch up on a show or you just want to binge watch everything, simply connect your Astro PVR to WiFi and access the latest TV series for FREE*, on demand!

*Entitlement is based on subscription package

[Test] 8 Reasons Malaysians Are Actually The Smartest People In The World - World Of Buzz 1

How great is that?! Imagine all the shows we can binge watch and all the spoilers we can avoid. So if you’re currently an Astro user, you know what to do! If not, you might want to consider getting Astro today!

Hurry though, tons of exciting shows are airing real soon. Don’t miss out!

Find out more about On Demand here, or to know more about the shows releasing on the same day as the US, click here!

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