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8 Common Types of Malaysians You’ll Receive a Gift From This Christmas



[TEST] 8 Common Types of Malaysians You'll Receive a Gift From This Christmas - WORLD OF BUZZ
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We’re officially closing in on Christmas and WE. CAN’T. WAIT. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, after all, and it’s the season for gifts, turkey, and wholesome Christmas movies! With that said, however, it’s also the season where we meet all sorts of nice and not-so-nice gift-givers. Here are some you’ll most probably encounter this December:

1. The cash voucher from the gift-giver who obviously left his Christmas shopping to the last minute

X Common Types of Malaysians You'll Receive a Gift From This Christmas - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

Source: Cheng Tsui

Some people like to call this a “practical gift” simply because the receiver will get to choose what they spend the gift card on, but we all know the person who bought it probably forgot to get a proper gift.

If this is you and you’re looking for a “practical” Christmas gift idea for friends too, you can check out some delicious F&B vouchers here. Because… no Malaysian will ever say “no” to free food, right?


2. The one who gives the type of atas gifts you’ll definitely Instagram about later

X Common Types of Malaysians You'll Receive a Gift From This Christmas - WORLD OF BUZZ 4

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These types of presents are usually pretty unique and/or slightly pricey and that’s why they deserve a spot on our Instagram Stories. It can be the latest sneakers, a pair of wireless earphones, or even a multitool pocket knife, whatever it is, these friends know exactly what to get you.

If you’re looking for outstanding gifts too, check out this iconic Victorinox Huntsman Multitool Pocket Knife! It’s the perfect Christmas gift idea for anyone who wants to ensure they’re prepared for all sorts of situations. On the other hand, if your friend isn’t much of a pocket knife person, how about some wireless earphones for their day-to-day activities? Admin wouldn’t mind some wireless earphones, just sayin’.


3. The boyfriends who get the same thing for their girlfriends every year: Makeup

X Common Types of Malaysians You'll Receive a Gift From This Christmas - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Hiveminer

Cosmetics and skincare products can be rather costly so most girls wouldn’t mind getting free makeup on an annual basis anyway. It’s pretty and practical! Confirm can get extra boyfriend points! 😛

Well, if you’re cracking your head trying to find good and affordable makeup for your girlfriend this month, here’s where you can get a NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette for up to 35% off!


4. The one who’s always giving super fun presents

Good gifts don’t always have to be expensive, but they should be fun! Something we can make use of to bond with friends and family and have a good time! Some of these fun gifts often come in the form of board games and unique card games.

If you’re looking for unique card games that aren’t the usual Uno or Monopoly cards, how about The Malaysian Dream Card Game!


5. The gift-giver who’s all about practicality and going green

With the coffee and boba craze still going strong, the amount of paper and plastic cups being used and thrown away is also on the rise.

Thankfully, we have friends who still care for the environment and would gift us with reusable cups, tumblers, and straws! After all, reusable utensils are all part of the hipster trend now.

Here’s where you can get your friends some stainless steel coffee mugs with metal straws too!


6. The one who loves gifting people with household decor items

These household decor items are things we often don’t think we need until someone actually gives it to us; and then we wonder why we never had these decor items since the beginning.

One of these items everyone unknowingly NEEDS to have in their lives and homes (that also double as a good Christmas gift idea) is the aromatherapy candle. They smell great and they help you relax. Some even encourage better sleep! It’s the perfect gift IMHO. So if you’re planning to get one for yourself or a friend, do check out YUBISO’s scented candles!


7. The gift-giver who only buys presents for cute babies or your younger siblings

And although the gifts are nicely wrapped and passed to us, the contents in the gift are really just for the kids or babies. These gift-givers are often just in it for the “best aunt” or “best uncle” title. But we aren’t complaining, baby stuff are expensive!

Well, if you’re looking for something to add to your Christmas wishlist for your baby, you HAVE to add this burrito baby blanket to the list!


8. The ‘my-presence-is-present-enough’ type of gift-giver

This person basically forgot about getting a gift and thinks he/she can sneak their way out of it by stating that they are the best gift anyone could ever ask for. Pfffts!

Well, that’s it for this list, but if you’re prepping for a Christmas party sometime soon and in need of some gifts, make sure you check out Shopee! You can literally get anything and everything from their site, including all the gift ideas listed in this article!

Avoid crowded malls, long queues at the cashier counter, and driving round and round a parking lot looking for parking. Just buy all your gifts from the comforts of your own home or office desk.

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8 Common Types of Malaysians You'll Receive a Gift From This Christmas - WORLD OF BUZZ

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