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6 Life-Changing Hacks Every M’sian Must Know While Storing Food in Storage Containers


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Source: Tupperware & thespruceeats

Keeping our groceries fresh for longer is not only beneficial to our health, it is also an effective way to prevent food wastage and to save money. But do you know the best ways to store our groceries so that they stay clean and fresh?

In this article, we compile several easy ways to store different foods properly in storage containers. Let’s find out what useful hacks you must know!


1. Store leafy greens with paper towels 

Moisture in the air or fridge causes our vegetables to turn soft and spoil quickly. To ensure the freshness and crispiness of our leafy greens, it is vital to keep them dry!🥬

How to store: Wash and pat dry the vegetables before storing them in dry and sealed containers. Place paper towels on top or around the greens to absorb moisture. Renew the paper towels every other day and consume the vegetables within a week.

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2. Always store raw meat in storage containers 

Did you know that the liquid from thawing raw meat contains TONS of bacteria?😱 If you’re defrosting raw meat in bags, chances are that the liquid might drip or leak from the bags and spread bacteria all over your fridge! 

How to store: Always store and defrost raw meat in leak-proof storage containers to avoid dripping and leaking. Better yet, store raw meat in glass containers that are oven-safe, so that you can pop them into the microwave oven to thaw if you’re in a rush. Besides, glass containers are also easier to wash, as their non-porous base will not absorb any oil from the meat. 

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3. Never keep cooked food in containers that were previously used for raw meat 

As mentioned before, raw foods such as meat and unwashed vegetables harbour bacteria that can threaten our health. This is why we should NEVER store our cooked foods in containers that have been used to keep raw foods before! 

How to store: Use different containers to store cooked and raw food and be sure to clean the containers with hot and soapy water immediately after each use.🧼 That said, no matter how well you’ve cleaned these containers, do not mix them as it might lead to cross-contamination. When storing your leftovers, it is wise to use microwave-safe glass containers too, so you can reheat and consume your food straight out of the containers—you’ll have fewer dishes to wash! 



4. Soak herbs or vegetables in water 

While we generally avoid air and moisture when it comes to preserving our foods, some herbs and vegetables are best stored in water to keep them fresh. These foods include:

  • Taugeh 
  • Serai 
  • Galangal 
  • Ginger
  • Parsley 
  • Coriander 

How to store: Keep ginger, taugeh, serai, and galangal in enclosed containers filled with water. Make sure that the water level covers the produce. Meanwhile, soft stem herbs like coriander and parsley can be kept upright in opened jars filled with water (just like flowers). While using both methods, don’t forget to change the water on a daily basis! 

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5. Keep gaseous produce in different containers 

In case you didn’t know, fruits and vegetables release different gases that can cause non-similar produce to become rancid.💨 Some examples of highly gaseous produce include avocados, bananas, and apples; while potatoes, broccoli, and carrots are less gaseous produce.  

How to store: While highly gaseous produce can be stored together, they should be kept away from less gaseous produce. However, there are also exceptions to this rule, as some produce are best kept together so that they can remain fresh for longer. These exceptions include:

  • Cili padi and garlic
  • Apples and potatoes
  • Sliced bread and cake

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6. Store dry foods in airtight containers

Dry foods such as salt, sugar, rice, and oats are often stored long term, as they usually come in single packs and can’t be finished in one serving. These foods should be kept away from air and moisture in order to last longer. 

How to store: Keep dry foods in airtight containers. Since these dry foods are usually kept long-term, you may want to choose materials that are odour-resistant, such as glass, so that they will not change the flavours of your food when you store different goods.


Glass has long been our favourite choice of material when it comes to kitchenware. Other than being odourless, glass jars and containers also offer the following benefits:

  • Affordable and durable: highly cost-effective in the long run
  • Non-permeable: prevents air, moisture, and pests from entering
  • Non-porous: does not harbour bacteria or leach toxins
  • Multipurpose: most glass containers are microwave-safe, some are also oven and dishwasher-safe 
  • Reusable and recyclable: environmentally friendly and prevents wastage 

Hence, the next time you shop for food storage containers, consider giving glass containers a go! In fact, there’s a new range of glass containers in town that will surely satisfy all your kitchen needs…

We’re talking about none other than the brand-new Tupperware® PremiaGlass, available from 1st February 2022!

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Other than being extremely durable, these containers also come with various benefits that ease our food preparation and storing process! Check out what Tupperware® PremiaGlass has to offer! 


  • Microwave and oven friendly

Tupperware® PremiaGlass containers are made of 100% heat-resistant Borosilicate Glass, which are 10% lighter than tempered glass. These containers can withstand heat up to 300°C, making them microwave and oven friendly.🔥

The heat-resistant properties make these containers multipurpose kitchenware. Besides being able to store hot foods, you can also pop these containers directly into the microwave or the oven for thawing, cooking, and reheating. Not to mention that you can also serve your dishes directly from these containers! This way, you’ll have less pans and dishes to wash after every meal! 

En Premiaglass Tempered Glass

En Apac Premiaglass Heat Resistant

En Premiaglass Clip Secur Lid System 02


  • Airtight and leakproof

The Tupperware® PremiaGlass range uses the Clip-Secure Lid System, which is a smart locking system with silicone seals. This makes the containers 100% airtight and leakproof

Hence, you can store your high-risk foods like opened can sardine or prepared salads in these containers worry-free, as their airtight feature keeps foods fresher for longer! Additionally, these leak-proof containers can also be used to store raw meat to prevent dripping and spreading bacteria.🦠



  • Transparent body and coloured lid

Have you ever opened the lids of multiple storage containers just to see what’s inside? Well, with Tupperware® PremiaGlass, you’ll no longer have to do that! 

The crystal clear glass base enables you to see the contents at a glance without opening the lids. Isn’t that convenient?!🤩

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  • Non-porous base 

Glass is a type of non-porous material. This means that glass containers do not absorb any food odours, flavours, and stains no matter how long the foods are kept. 

That said, Tupperware® PremiaGlass makes for the perfect container to store different foods, even those with strong smells or colourings! 



  • Stackable to save space

Don’t have enough space to store fresh produce and leftovers? Worry not! Tupperware® PremiaGlass containers are stackable—you’ll get to fully utilize the space in your kitchen, pantry, and fridge! 

Now that you know all about the amazing Tupperware® PremiaGlass range, it is time to replace the worn-out food containers in your kitchen cabinets! And yes, we’ve got some exciting promos for you!

En Apac Premiaglass Stacking


From 1st to 28th February, a set of TWO Tupperware® PremiaGlass Rectangular containers (1L) will be sold at an introductory price of only RM119.90

That’s about RM40 cheaper than the retail price!🥳

What’s more, the Tupperware® PremiaGlass seal is covered by Tupperware Lifetime Warranty, while the base is covered by Tupperware Q Warranty. This means that customers are protected against any material or manufacturing defect!

Premiaglass Assets


So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Tupperware® PremiaGlass containers at a discounted price today!🛒 You can find the brand-new containers at: 

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For more information about Tupperware® PremiaGlass, visit Tupperware’s official website or follow Tupperware on:

What do you love most about Tupperware® PremiaGlass range? Let us know in the comments below! 


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Source: EatingWell
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