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13 Signs You Are Going Through Quarter-Life Crisis Right Now



Source: We Heart It

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The quarter life crisis.

It is that phase in life, around age 19 to early 30s, where a person is overcome with stress of being adult. It is usually experienced by someone in their mid-twenties, when the realization hits them harder and the struggle becomes real.

“It’s time”, your mind tells you.

“But I still want to be irresponsible and have fun!” your heart resists.

As hard as it is, that transition is one that every person has to make. Are you struggling too?

Here are 13 symptoms that show you are going through a quarter-life crisis as well.


1. You tell your pet, “I wish I had your life”.

Seeing your pet, especially a cat or dog laze about the house, doing nothing but wait for meals really makes you envious. You wish you could do just the same!


2. You’re still arguing with your mom about cleaning your bathroom and being home at a reasonable hour.

“MOM! I gots this. Stop telling me what to do!” However, chances are, they know best and would be great help for you to get through this life crisis.


3. You stress the f*** out thinking about the J word.

Yes, “Jobs”. Every time your friend asks you what your future plans are, or if you’ve gotten yourself a job, you get annoyed a little inside and wished they would just mind their own dang business.


4. You dread another word you’ll have to deal with, “Bills”.

The thought of that day finally arriving makes you die a little bit inside.


5. You often put off real-life to dive into the blackhole that is social media.

“I’ll think about it tomorrow” you tell yourself, “I need a break”. Then proceed to scroll through Facebook posts and watch tons of youtube videos on end.

The struggle of thinking about your future is real, and you just want to forget about it while living in that happy moment just a little while longer.


6. You stare at your ceiling even when there’s a bunch of things you have to do.

Because where’s the rush? It’s only like 3 deadlines.


7. You get one of those days where you just hate everything.

Rainbow unicorns? Yeah hate those too.


8. You wished you could Google your next path.

Growing up asian, it’s just primary school, then secondary, pre-U and finally university. What’s next?

Anything you make after that could be life changing decisions. You are so bound of not wanting to make the ‘wrong’ choice that you overthink all of them, and seriously? It’s driving you crazy!


9. You realise you spend all your allowances and it’s probably time you save some money.

And yet, you struggle to do so.


10. You think to yourself “can I just fast forward and skip all this bullshit to when I’m finally rich with a great job?”


11. You broke down before because you have no idea where to go from here.

The uncertainty of your future is pretty daunting.


12. You realize your parents don’t hold all the answers.

Sure they could give you advice, but most of them are not the ones you wanted to hear. You know that it’s truly up to yourself to find the answers in this mysterious thing we call, “life”.


13. You think travelling/road trips is the key.

Maybe I’ll find my answers there? Who knows! Or I’ll probably just leave my troubles behind once more, and maybe never come back.

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