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12 Unbelievably Amazing Desserts in Bangkok You MUST Try on Your Next Trip There


Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 65

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Bangkok’s little known world of desserts is quietly taking the foodie storm by the shoulders, and for a good reason – just when you thought the city is all about Tom Yam Goong and shopping at Cha Tu Chak Market Bangkok throws out a little surprise.

The Thai capital is brimming with cafe’s dedicated solely to the art of well-crafted desserts, pleasing not just the tastebuds, but our aesthetic well-being (or rather, our social media feeds ahem ahem). In a whirlwind of decor, ambience and craft, the dessert utopia of Thailand is guaranteed to leave you breathless and craving for more.

Why? Because there’s always room for dessert. Besides, your Instagram account will thank you later.

1. Perhaps Rabbits

Credit: bkkmenu.com

This place was made for Instagram and Wonderland enthusiasts. The décor, the food, just about everything was made to be snapped. And it’s as good as it looks.

The fairest of them all is their Bluebunny Egg, which is Perhaps Rabbits interpretation of Blueberry pie complete with cream cheese and blueberries, enveloped inside a dome of fondant. Their Alice In Wonderland theme takes over – think Rabbit Hole Cake, a chocolate cake filled with caramel, and their Winter Wonder Pavlova.

Perhaps Rabbit’s theme is aptly chosen because our eyes are basking aesthetic Wonderland glory just looking at their creations! We’re left wondering how something so beautiful can be so damn tasty at the same time.

Location: Werng Boran, Ekkamai, 10110, Bangkok, Thailand

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9:00-21:00

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz
Credit: aspirantsg.com

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 3
Credit: 2roamwithlove.com

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 4
Credit: opensnap.com


2. Itim Morefire Yotse

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 49
Credit: hello2day.com

It’s quirky but we’re not complaining – Itim Morefire Yotse is capturing hearts with it’s novel idea of serving ice cream hot-pot style.

Locals make a beeline for the cafe’s eccentric ice cream flavours: Redbull-vodka, lyryju (lychee and soju), Yakult Jelly (#childhood tb!) and Thai Kod Nam. Oh and if you’re lucky, you can catch their seasonal Sticky Rice and Mango! Dry ice completes the whole hot-pot feel, and you could almost kid yourself for having dessert for lunch or dinner. Get their asap, for the cafe has a throng of eager fans each night waiting to try their one-0f-a-kind ice cream treat.

Location: Itim Morefire Yotse, In front of Elvis Suki, Soi Yotse, Bangkok, Thailand

Opening Hours: Daily 7-11pm

Credit: instagram.com/itimmorefireyotse.aree

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 5
Credit: food.yummy-ideas.com


3. ONCE Social Bar & Cafe

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 7
Credit: yummygallery.com

Looking for a place where the dessert is just as good as the atmosphere? ONCE Social Bar & Cafe delivers it all.

Keep an eager eye (and monstrous appettite) out for their Egglette Towers, a whopping three layers of egg waffles sandwiched between scoops of icecream. However, their showstopper is undoubtedly their  Milkshakes: heaped on top of the milkshake itself is a ample scoop of ice cream, followed by whipped cream, a waffle cone, and finally, crowned by a swirl of cotton candy. A generous show stopper.

Location: Once Social Bar & Cafe, 308 Thonglor Soi 10, Bangkok, Thailand

Opening hours: Daily noon – 9.30pm

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 59
Credit: kinlag

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 8
Credit: bk-asia-city.com

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 11
Credit: yummygallery.com


4. After You Dessert Cafe

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 12
Credit: lohas.pixnet.net

Don’t forget to drop by after a shopping spree in Siam Paragon! This dessert cafe does seriously good toast with fantastic fluffy insides, and there’s a reason why their salty-sweet honey syrup glazed Shibuya Honey Toast is highly raved about. Also, how photogenic are their toasts? It should be a crime to display food like this without being able to eat it straightaway (#fattyproblems).

Flavours range from Ferroro, Nutella, Sticky Toffee, Matcha, Cheddar Cheese, Strawberry Cream and Chocolate Toast. If that hasn’t made you salivate, note their Shibuya Special Black Toast. It’s sinfully topped with a soft baked peanut cookie dough, melted peanut butter sauce and lavished with ice cream.

Location: Siam Paragon Ground Floor (basement), 991 Rama 1 Road, Khet Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Opening Hours: Daily 10am-10.30am

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 60
Credit: danielfooddiary

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 46
Credit: tanusha_nguyen

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 44
Credit: eundom


5. Patisserie Rosie

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 16

Everything in this 1920s French-chic abode is drop dead gorgeous. It’s the kind of place a fickle socialite like Daisy Buchanan would wonder in for an afternoon repose – you’d forget you were in busy Bangkok!

Patisserie Rosie’s Cherry Ripe is a crowd-pleaser, offering a luscious blend of chocolate, cherries and sour berries. Look out for La Rosie, a mousse-y sponge cake with lychee and sprinkled with crunchy Bulgarian rose crumbs (what did we say about the place being chic??). Expect quality to the last bite, as the patisserie only cooks up the finest of ingredients.

A special side-note for Chinese tea lovers: you. must. come. here. The owners of the cafe are hardcore tea fans, so expect to be spoilt rotten with beautiful brews such as Zhu Lan Xian, a bittersweet tea of orchid flower, orange zest and lychee.

Location: Thonglor Soi 10, Sukhumvit Rd., Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12:00-21:30

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 50
Credit: laugheat

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 17
Credit: bloggang.com

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 51
Credit: patisserierosie



Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 19
Credit: frameweb.com

HASHME – kooky name no? Actually, the owner of the restaurant designed the restaurant to encourage patrons to share and hashtag as many photos of the place as possible – look how the room is designed by using ‘filters’ of pink mirrors, black steel, oak and white marble of the likes?

Trivia aside, their waffles are a winner. Love them? Order the Waffle Tower where you get to stack as many waffles as your sweet tooth allows, with each waffle layered between ice cream and fresh fruit. But HASHME is not just for play! They also do savoury waffles, and their Waffle Carbonara is a popular choice here, described as super crispy, light and airy.

Proof of how good the restaurant is? Look at the hashtags!

Location: 9:53 Community Mall, 124 Sukhumvit 53, Khlong Tan Nuer, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 11:00-23:00

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 20
Credit: instagram.com via lifestyleasia.com

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 48
Credit: fullcoursemenu

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 47
Credit: eatdrinkplaytravel.blogspot.my


7. Barstow 

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 21
Credit: facebook.com/pages/Barstow

Imagination runs unleashed here at Barstow, where their cocktails are coloured like something straight out of your childhood colouring books! Alcohol just got a whole lot more fun.

Barstow’s drinks are heaped with jellies, fresh fruit, ice cream cones – basically, a generous scattering of delightful Thai knick knacks. Their signature Vodka Jelly has been appearing on social media pages of Bangkok foodies: spot it by it’s bright red hue cushioned between orange slices. Less keen on hard liquor? Go for their Happy Two Tone drink, coming in a striking blend of two hues. You’d almost forget you were downing shots of liquor!

Location: Talad Rot Fai 3, Kaset Nawamin Road, Nawamin, Bangkok, Thailand 10230

Opening Hours: Thurs-Sun 6pm-2am

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 23
Credit: instagram.com/numod_mn

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 25
Credit: 3onus.com

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 24
Credit: instagram.com/tanitfluke


8. Sirotan Cafe 

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 26
Credit: mthai.com

The adorable Japanese seal Sirotan is the latest theme cafe to hit the streets of Bangkok. But don’t let kawaii world of Sirotan fool you – their dessert game is strong. 

The cafe’s spellbinding spread of desserts range from their famed mousses, to cheesecakes, macaroons and hotcakes! Reigning supreme from the charming cade is their Rose Lychee Mousse, a fluffy confection of rose lychee mousse topped with whipped cream and a crunchy macaron. Don’t forget their hotcakes, in the likes of Banana Caramel and Buttermilk, all complete with gooey honey. And yes, each little plate of dessert features Sirotan’s kawaii beaming face. Try to resist the urge to take 10593 photos of their adorable desserts.

Location: The Mercury Ville Chidlom FL.3

Opening Hours: Daily 10am-9pm

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 28
Credit: nationmultimedia.com

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 61
Credit: dek-d

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 29
Credit: mthai.com


9. Mo & Moshi

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 31
Credit: instagram.com/nuttatidaa

Ice cream gluttons, proceed with caution.

Mo & Moshi, a Japanese-style cafe, specialises in homemade soft serve as well as frozen yoghurt. But that’s not what their customers are buzzing about. Their ice cream cups is a monstrosity of a ‘cup’, and they fill them up with luscious scoops of ice cream, with flavours such as the Strawberry Supreme, and fill in any other gaps with fresh fruit, waffles, whipped cream, or even tiny little ice cream cones (because you go big, or you go home). Ice-cream portions bigger than your own face – now that’s the sweet life.

Location: Yodpimarn River Walk, 2nd Floor, Bangkok, Thailand

Opening Hours: 11am-11pm

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 62
Credit: instagram.com/poonvora

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 33
Credit: instagram.com/jennifergoh

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 52
Credit: giftzyisme


10. C.O.D.E (Cafe of Dessert Enthusiasts)

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 53
Credit: facebook.com/codedessertcafe

The spell of salted egg yolk craze is still cast over the heart of Bangkok, and the mighty flavour is reincarnated here at C.O.D.E, by way of their drool-inducing Salted Egg Lava Thick Toast. Salted egg not tickling your fancy? Don’t worry, C.O.D.E’s Lava Toast, comes in flavours of Thai Tea, Matcha and Chocolate, coloured in Charcoal or half-and-half.

The cafe also parades a good selection of other desserts, namely their Banoffee Bing-Su, brownies and croissant lava in mouth-watering flavours like Earl Grey Tea (a tiny little croissant stuffed with gooey ‘lava’). If anything, make a pit-stop here just because of how photogenic their desserts are!

Location: The Jas Ramintra, Ladplakhao Rd., Bangkok, Thailand

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-9pm, Weekends 10am-10pm

File 18 2 16 11 19 00 Pm
Credit: explodingbelly.com

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 54
Credit: wongnai.com

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 39
Credit: instagram.com/codedessert


11. Stickhouse

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 56
Credit: pinterest.com

Make no mistake, Stickhouse isn’t just regular icecream. No, the people at Stickhouse have upped the gelato game by offering tastes far beyond your local ice-cream cartman. The gelato sticks here are dense, packed with premium Italian chocolate and hand-crafted daily to ensure the highest of gelato experiences for your tastebuds.

Stickhouse, ahem, sticks out with their Ice Cream Pizza (available at Siam Paragon outlet only) – pizza made out of five gelato sticks sitting atop freshly baked vanilla sponge, complete with raspberry sauce to imitate tomato sauce. Also, they do specials like Red-Velvet gelato and local favourite Mango Sticky Rice!

Location: Siam Paragon Building, 991 Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok, Thailand

Opening Hours: 10am-10pm

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 55
Credit: stickhouse_th

11987129 1029557620395914 1237428970774374876 N
Credit: facebook.com/stickhouse.th

13100846 1148070191877989 5665353545709016619 Nc
Credit: facebook.com/stickhouse.th


12. Mix Restaurant and Bar

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 57
Credit: thailovetrip.com

There’s good reason why Mix Restaurant and Bar has won Thailand Tatler’s “Best Restaurants” list twice – this place serves up heavenly desserts. Most famed of all? Their ‘Global Warming’ dish. This diva queen of a dessert requires a 15 minute wait, but man oh man, it arrives as a showstopper creation of frosty glazed white chocolate dome that collapses under a shot of flaming contreau, to reveal an interior of ice-cream sandwiches, brownie bits, toasted marshmallows and fruit salad (all meant to represent the inside of the Earth and what global warming can do!)

Watch out for their Baked Alaska, a whimsical mish-mash of sweet and bitter, hot and cold, with the cake seemingly set aflame before your eyes! Talk about desserts with flair.

Location: 5 Fl. Terminal 21 Sukhumvit Rd Bangkok, Thailand

Opening Hours: 10am -1opm daily

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 58

Desserts In Bangkok Draft - World Of Buzz 63

10414003 625875267519658 261019989 N.jpg?Ig Cache Key=Nzyzntc4Mze4Mjuyndqwode0
Credit: instagram.com/mix_restaurantandbar

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