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12 Junk Food We Used to Eat in Primary School That are Now Banned



Junk Food We Used to Eat in Primary Schools Everyday Are Now Banned! - World Of Buzz
Source: NST

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Aside from fooling around with friends, the wide array of junk food in the canteen was one of the reasons we loved going to school so much back in the day. I swear the chocolate wafer bar was calling my name! 

However, a netizen recently shared pictures of food that are now banned in school canteens and needless to say, this shattered netizens’ hearts. The pictures were taken at an awareness campaign to combat obesity among pupils. The list of banned food was reportedly approved by the Health Ministry and Ministry of Education.

I guess the younger generation of pupils will never know what it feels like to spend all their pocket money on junk food, even before recess. So here are 12 food types that will no longer exist in school canteens. R.I.P. childhood.


1. Processed food

Source: Facebook

Gimme back my nuggets! 


2. Sweets and chocolate

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What?! You can’t spell childhood without chocolate! (Actually you can)


3. Pickled food (sweet, sour, salty, dry or wet – all kenot! )

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4. Expired food and drinks 

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5. Instant noodles, ramen, bihun and kuey teow

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6. Junk food 

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Are you trying to starve pupils? I mean, what are they supposed to eat other than junk food? 


7. Food containing cream or coated with sugar

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Nooo… not the legendary 50-cent roti and the all-time favourite Apollo layer cakes!


8. Food that looks like toys or sold with toys

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Asian students deserve to have some fun too, you know?


9. Confectionaries and ice cream

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10. Beverages made with cordial, creamer, sweetener, 3-in-1 powder or whipped cream

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I thought we live in a democratic country…


11. Coffee and tea

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How come my BM teacher can order teh tarik kurang manis but I kenot? 


12. Energy/isotonic/botanical/carbonated drinks and packaged fruit juice

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Okay, enough of soul crushing, let’s talk about the characteristics of a ‘healthy school canteen’ approved by the ministry.

Source: Facebook

1. Serves plain or mineral water, and milk

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Sure, strawberry milk is all natural and absolutely healthy for kids!


2. Prepares at least 3 different types of fresh fruits

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That’s actually a good idea, but can add rojak paste ah? 


3. Sells skinless chicken and fat-free meat

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Junk Food We Used to Eat in Primary School Everyday Are Now Banned! - World Of Buzz


4. Less than 50 per cent of the main dishes are oily and high in fats

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So no more roti canai and nasi lemak for the pupils? I don’t think so.


5. Sells at least 3 vegetable dishes/ulam or includes vegetables in the dishes

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Yeah you can try to put in as many taugeh as possible, we’ll still remove them in the end. #NoTaugeh


If we’re honest, snacks packed with preservatives, seasoning and other unknown substances are the best part of our primary school days. Without these colourful (literally) junk food, our school lives would have been colourless, but the ban is probably the best for curbing obesity that is rising among pupils.

What’s the one junk food that you miss the most? 


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