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Most Common Malay Guy Names In Malaysia



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A name is not just a word unique to a person – each name has a history and has origins from faraway cultures! Now that we have covered the most common English guy names in Malaysia, let’s go deeper and unearth the most common Malay male names and their meanings. Read on to find out if your name has made the list and what makes it extra special!


1. Harris

First to top the list! Whether it is Harris or Haris, it is a masculine name with arabic origins, The name comes with a meaning of “guard or trustee”.

ezgif.com-crop (3)


2. Hilmi 

It is ranked no. 2 with a 0.19% against every male name in Malaysia. The name bears the meaning of patience, tolerance, gentle and calm. Although their name meant as such, they are bound to explode in your face if you push their buttons.

kanye gif


3. Adam

Non-Muslim Adams, this applies to you to! The first-known Adam is also the first human created by God; so really, it’s an honour to be named after our oldest ancestor.

Adam in the Garden of Eden Genesis 2:7-8


4. Ahmad

I can’t keep track of lads with this name whom I’ve met in my short lifetime. Meaning ‘praiseworthy’, I salute all Ahmads out there who have endured turning their heads countless times upon hearing the name, only to realise it was meant for another Ahmad.



5. Zikri

How does it feel like to be a walking ‘reminder of Allah’ every day of your life? Quite a privilege, we’d say.



6. Rayyan

Hey, the Malay version of ‘Ryan’! This name means ‘Gate of heaven’, so perhaps all Rayyans and Ryans stand a better chance of passing through to paradise?



7. Akmal

You know how people like to ask what three qualities describe you best? Complete. Perfect. Soulful. Akmals are said to be loving and adore companionship. They are peace makers and don’t resort to violence. Beware though, their tongue can be as sharp as a knife when upset.




8. Amirul

Usually the silly one of the bunch, they like making people smile and laugh. Take this screenshot (and yes someone actually posted this), from Urban Dictionary for example:



9. Umar

Reminds you of ‘umur’ (age) doesn’t it? That’s because it’s related: Umar means ‘life and longevity’!




10. Daniel

Another one for the non-Muslim Daniels! You guys are probably the most modest lot, with a name that means ‘God is my judge’.



11. Haziq

The Muslim version of Einstein! Haziqs are known for their aptitude as skillful and intelligent men.



12. Aqil

Dear Aqils out there: Whenever you’re feeling down, look upon your name for inspiration, for it means ‘wisdom’!



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