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10 Types Of Malaysians When Eating


10 Common Types Of Malaysians When Eating - World Of Buzz

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As a Malaysian, we are of course Kings and Queens when it comes to food. We live for food and enjoy going to cafes or restaurants to have our meals. And since we’re such foodies, there’s plenty of people, some with common ‘patterns’ of eating that you’d notice.

So, here is a glimpse of the 10 types of people when eating.


1. The Picky Eater

10 Types Of Malaysians When Eating - World Of Buzz 8

These are the ones who would order something, then spend the next 15 minutes trying to pick out every single coriander or spring onion or tomato that’s usually present in most Malaysian food. They will do whatever it takes to get them all out!


2. The DBKL

10 Types Of Malaysians When Eating - World Of Buzz 6

These are the ones who hate wasting food, and would ‘sweep out’ all the leftovers on the dining table, even if it’s a meal with a group. Can’t finish your food? No problem. They’ll eat your leftovers for you. They’re the awesome friends that make you feel better for not having wasted food!


3. The Instagram Addict

These can also be called the typical Asian photo enthusiasts. Just when you are about to dig in to your delicious succulent food, you’ll hear a sudden “STOP! WAIT! Don’t eat yet!” You look up only to see them grabbing their phones, preparing to take various shots from various angles and lighting for their Instagram or Facebook. These individuals are the reason you cannot immediately enjoy your food.

10 Types Of Malaysians When Eating - World Of Buzz


4. The Loud Chewer

10 Types Of Malaysians When Eating - World Of Buzz 2

As you are enjoying your meal in peace, suddenly you hear this annoying sound of someone chomping down on their food and when you look up, all you can see is the breaking down of the food inside their mouths. These people eat however they want to eat, whether it’s slurping their soup up or chewing their meat. They are LOUD and etiquette do not apply to them.


5. The Calorie Detective

10 Types Of Malaysians When Eating - World Of Buzz 7

“How much calorie is in this?” is perhaps the most common question for these people. They can either be the ‘dieter’ or the ‘gym junkie’. They order food not based on what they actually WANT to eat, but for how much calorie is in it.

However, they do get ultra-annoying when they try to tell you how much calorie is in your food and attempt to advice you on what you should or should not eat. LEAVE ME ALONE.


6. The Messy Eater

10 Types Of Malaysians When Eating - World Of Buzz 5

These are the ones that would finish a majority their meal but leave bits of rice all over their plates. And growing up Asian, you know never to waste a single grain of rice. Plus there’s a saying that for each grain of rice leftover, it’ll appear on your future lover’s face!

They also sometimes can be drinking their soup or eating their rice and still spilling it all over the table. Their area of the table is usually the dirtiest and messiest of all.


7. The Try-One-Bite Fella

10 Types Of Malaysians When Eating - World Of Buzz 9

“Let me try one bite, just one bite.” This fella is always curious about the taste of everyone’s food. They will want to take one bite of all the dishes on the table, and sometimes voice their opinion on the taste of it.

One bite is okay lah, so long you don’t shove half my meal into your ‘one bite’.


8. The Kedekut

10 Types Of Malaysians When Eating - World Of Buzz 1

Then there are the selfish ones who refuse to ever share their food or even allow to try one bite of it. Their food is theirs to eat, cross the line and they’ll have you murdered, really. Some of us are actually guilty of this.


9. The Slow-Mo

10 Types Of Malaysians When Eating - World Of Buzz 4

These are the absolute slow eaters. They take FOREVER to finish up their meal. They can order something of smaller portion or have their meal come first, yet they will still be the last to finish their food. If you’re a little impatient, you may want to make sure to not make them your lunch kaki.


10. The Inhaler

10 Types Of Malaysians When Eating - World Of Buzz 3

The inhalers are the gobblers. These are eaters who pig on everything anything way too quickly. They will munch down their food at lightning speed and before you even know it, they are done! Sometimes, they finish their meal before yours even arrive!

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