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10 Type of Lecturers in Malaysia



10 Type of Lecturers in Malaysia - World Of Buzz

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The things to look forward to when starting out a collegiate life are usually the semi-independent habitat, the new faces, no more uniform restrictions, and endless, ahem, partying for the wild ones. In the meantime, it is wise to know exactly who you’re up against once you get there: your teachers. Let’s take a look at the types you’ll probably find among these, um, “Lectures-R-Us”.


The Strict One


These are usually the more experienced and academically decorated teachers. With so much accolades and expectations up their sleeve, it’s really no wonder they take themselves and their students extra seriously.


The Comedian


These are the ones who are at heart just like their students: a kid. Their classes would always be fun as they infuse their own funny observations into the solemn lessons. Beware when they are in a punishing mood, though, because they’ll sure to put you on the spot and embarrass you just right that the class would feel it’s okay to laugh at you.


The Boring One

boring teacher

It’s hard to tell with these types whether they themselves are naturally boring or they are just that bored with the task at hand. Whatever it is, their long monotonous drawl is sure to bring those eyelids down. One way to actually learn something here is perhaps to test how long you can keep yourself awake. #selfdiscovery

The Grumpy

grumpy teacher

You’re not sure if their life suck or that’s just the way they are. This type of lecturers doesn’t seem to have sunshine and rainbows in their life; always being grumpy. They have an extremely short temper and it’s best to keep yourself out of trouble or face the wrath and fury beyond your deepest fear. Our advice? Keep silent and complete your homework.

The Cool One

cool guy

cool teacher

They are the ones who treat their students more like fellow colleagues, always on point with pop culture references – correctly, and meet on the same level. They present themselves more like bros and ‘kakaks’ or else your cool, fun aunty or uncle.

The Lazy


These are the ones that shrug you off whenever you have a question, or say their busy when you want to make an appointment with them to discuss about whatever task at hand. These lecturers are plain unhelpful and cringes whenever they have to put in ‘extra effort’.


The Brag

brag gif

The type where in every lecture, they are bound to throw something out about themselves or their husband/wife, be it being a humble brag or not. Yesterday it was how they are driving their A5 Audi or living in a bungalow in Bangsar, and today probably how their partners are making tons of money.


The Unconventional


If lecturers were a deck of cards, these would be The Joker – not to be mistaken as The Comedian. More for the fact that they can either throw the class off balance or advance it to new heights, as they tend to ignore the syllabus required and come up with their own brand of educational methods. With the right approach, they could easily be a combination of the Cool and Perfect type. Otherwise they’re just the Strange One.

The Perfect One

perfect teacher

Now this kind of lecturers are the most sought after for their right balance of everything that makes a great teacher; they’re smart, capable and hot! They are cool without being soft, strict without being hated, and never inappropriately “friendly”. They are always engaging when giving lessons and actually succeed in making their students love school! Too bad they’re always taken.


The Newbie


Here’s one that, if one is observant enough, can be easily spotted – the lecturer who looks more nervous than even the freshmen. Though they may be irresistible as the perfect target for poking fun at, let’s give these guys a break and let ’em grow.

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