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What It’s Like to be the Daughter of a Malaysian Billionaire



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If you had access to more money than you can ever spend, what would you do with it?

Fortunately for one lady, she’ll be having 99 problems but money ain’t one…But then again, if money isn’t a problem then there wouldn’t be any problem at all in the first place right?




Meet Chryseis Tan, the daughter of Malaysian billionaire tycoon Vincent Tan.

Before heading out to the beautiful #bearletweds wedding dinner ❤️ // #capri

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vincent tan

For those who are unfamiliar with Vincent Tan, he is the chairman and CEO of Berjaya Group, a multi-industry conglomerate. It doesn’t stop there. He is also an avid investor, the owner of three football clubs around the world and co-owner of the Los Angeles Football Club

chryseis tan 2

Chryseis is just one of 11 children. When she’s not YC (yum-chaing) with friends around the world, she’s on vacation with her family in Portofino, Italy, Swiss Alps or the Bahamas. Maybe even in Hawaii sipping the cool refreshing taste of Pepsi by the beach.

chrseis 3

Private jets, helicopters, Rolls Royces, Bentleys and other super cars are all very common to her as that is her usual mode of transportation.

chrseis 4

Bachelorette parties in Bali? EDC in Vegas? Shopping in Beverly Hills? Lunch in Tokyo? Yachting off the coast of Italy? French toast for breakfast in France? No problem!

helicopter chrseis

Check out Chryseis in Las Vegas for an EDC this year. While everyone else squeezes their way into the venue, she effortlessly flew in on a helicopter. Her grand entrance would even put Hardwell or other DJ’s to shame.


When she’s not somewhere else on the planet partying, she’s at home in Kuala Lumpur, usually in view of the Petronas Towers; probably just chillin’ with Martin Garrix.

martin garrix chryseis

Like any other humans, even the daughter of a billionaire could use some time alone occasionally. While others would probably pick up a book to read, visit the beach or reading articles from World Of Buzz (wink wink), Chryseis would spend her ‘me time’ at a spa and resort way up in the mountains.

life of a billionaire

Of course, Chryseis doesn’t always travel alone. At times she would be accompanied by her buddies and fellow billionaire bestie Faliq Nasimuddin.

parties chryseis


Nasimuddin is the son of the late billionaire Tan Sri Nasimuddin Amin, who is the founder of Naza Group, one of the biggest names in the motor-trade industry of Malaysia. Chryseis and Nasimuddin would travel together indulging on their favorite pastime — eating.


food chryseis

So what does a billionaire’s daughter like Chryseis eat? Food that’s fit for billionaires of course! For Chryseis, its all day everyday good food.

food 1

No doubt Chryseis lives like a billionaire and eats like one too!

food 2

Shake Shack burgers, fries and a shake in Vegas? Or Wagyu beef carpaccio and caviar? Easier done than said!

final chryseis

The life of billionaire’s child — it’s limitless, it’s delicious, it’s fashionable, and the whole world is basically yours to explore. It’s never a bad thing to be blessed, but everything depends on what you do with it.


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