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“What are you waiting for?” S’porean Rapes Drunk Woman After Being Encouraged By Friends



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Four men in Singapore took advantage of a drunk woman at a club and took her to a chalet where one of them raped her and another performed a sex act on her.

According to CNA, the incident took place in September 2018 where the four men, identified as Tay Boon Huat, Yong Chun Hong, Gan Soon Chai and Yap Chun Chieh, met the 24-year-old victim at Club V5 Tycoon.

Yap, who was a manager and bouncer at the club at the time, pleaded guilty on 1 February to one count of rape and another count of outrage of modesty.


The victim was unconscious

On the day of the incident, Tay, Yong and Gan were staying at a chalet. They headed to the club in the wee hours of the next morning where the victim had gone to drink alcohol with her friends. At about 5.20am, the victim’s friends left her after having a drunken dispute with other clubgoers.

She then continued to drink alcohol with other people, including Yong and Tay, and at about 6am, Yong took her to both the women’s and men’s toilet where he spent 15 minutes with her.

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The court heard that Yong passed the victim, who was very drunk and had trouble walking on her own, to Yap and told him to take her home by taxi. However, his friends showed up in a car before he could book a ride for her, and asked him to join them at the chalet. They took the unconscious victim along with them.

Gan asked Yong why they had taken the victim along when she was so intoxicated and Yong allegedly replied that they wanted to bring her to the chalet to ‘play’ and eat.

Tay and Yap then molested the victim in the car, and before arriving at the chalet, Yong told Yap, “You got free ****, why don’t want?”


Molested, raped, and filmed the victim

It was about 7.30am when the group arrived at the chalet. Yap placed the victim on the bed where Yong and Tay tried to wake her up. When she didn’t wake up, they molested her and urged Yap to have sex with the victim.

“The woman is already lying here and you still are not having sex with her. What are you waiting for?”

Yap gave in and raped the victim while Tay performed a sex act on her.

While this was happening, Gan secretly filmed them in the act and stopped when Tay spotted him.

Later at 9am, Yap dressed the victim and took her home in a taxi after checking her address on her identification card. However, he still couldn’t wake her up when they reached her house and took her to a hotel to sleep.

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Victim wakes up to a stranger

After Yap woke up, he molested the victim again. She finally woke up later that night at 7pm and was startled to see a stranger next to her. She went to the bathroom and noticed that her underwear was inside out and her panty lining had been dislodged.

She then paid for the hotel room and went home where she threw away her underwear as she felt “very disgusted”.

“The victim knew that something had happened to her, but she did not make a police report immediately as she felt very depressed and did not know what to do,” said the prosecutors.

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Victim lodges a police report

The victim went to the club where Yap works a few days later and asked him what had happened. Yap told her that she was very drunk and that he and his three colleagues had taken her to the chalet. He also admitted having sex with her there but apologised and said that he took her to a hotel room to sleep.

He insisted that nothing happened there and allowed her to check his phone for footage of her, but she couldn’t find any.

Stressed at what Yap had told her, the victim told him to keep the matter to himself and told her mother about the incident. She then made a police report after her mother encouraged her to do so.

The four men, Yap, Tay, Yong, and Gan were then arrested and their mobile phones were seized. The video of the sexual assault was also found on Gan’s phone.

While Yap will be sentenced at a later date and Yong’s case is pending, Tay was sentenced in August last year (2020) to 10 years and three months’ jail and five strokes of the cane, and Gan was given 15 months’ jail and fined S$20,800 (RM63,210.60) in 2019.


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