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“Vietnam Airlines Has Been Trying Really Hard to Ruin Our Honeymoon”



Couple Distraught After Vietnam Airlines - World Of Buzz 1

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Flying is now a common way of travelling since the existence of low cost carriers. Hallelujah! However, a a newlywed couple, Raphael and Milena who were flying from Hanoi to Singapore expressed their utter disappointment and frustration after their baggage they’ve entrusted the airline to carry, went missing!

Raphael writes,

“Vietnam Airlines has been trying really hard to ruin our honeymoon: they lost my wife’s luggage on our flight from Hanoi to Singapore – with all her clothes, toiletries and wedding gifts. We checked in 5 luggages – 1 for each family member – and they lost the one with the most special content.

“Can you imagine a girl on her way to honeymoon with no dresses, no makeup, no swimming suit or even no underwear? This is outrageous. This time it happened to us, but it could be your sister, daughter, girlfriend, fiancé – or you.”

Raphael was even more upset after VNA’s customer service was of no help at all.

“5 days have passed and the customer service has been mediocre: despite of our daily emails, they barely respond and seem to be clueless on where the luggage is.

“We are in the age of Social Customer Service – how come the national career can lose completely track of a luggage and ignore communication with customers, especially in such a unique occasion?”


Couple Distraught After Vietnam Airlines - World Of Buzz

What’s worse, according to Raphael, VNA has proceeded to block him from their page, deleted his post and comments. One pretty shocking thing was when he discovered that the airlines has had a string of bad reputation for losing baggages. A lot of people came forward claiming that VNA staffs would steal luggages and file them under ‘lost’.

“Several friends alerted us about rumours that Vietnam Airlines and Noi Bai airport staff members are criminally identifying luggages with valuable content, stealing them and reporting the luggages as missing.”

Netizens also shared their similar terrible experiences on his post.

“We had a bag lost on a Vietnam Airlines flight from KL to Hanoi, we got the bag back the next night but baggage handlers had stolen our portable Bose speakers.”

“I put ear pods in a box, flying through VNA, aaaand it was gone. It’s really a shame what is happening with lost luggage. It’s not a rumor.”

“My mom’s friend went to VN few months ago. She lost 2 luggages w lot of expensives stuffs (Iphones, handbags). She had to give some money to some guy to receive her luggages, but all the expensives stuffs had gone.”

Despite all the frustration and hurdles they are facing, Raphael and his wife, Milena, is determined to not let it completely ruin their honeymoon.

“Honeymoon is such a unique moment in a couple’s life – and if we depended on you, we’d be f*cked up. Luckily we have the most important – each other. We won’t let ruin it and will have the remarkable time we deserve.”

As for the missing baggages, whether VNA is responsible for these losses, no one is entirely sure. However, it seems that their ground staff or whoever is handling these luggages definitely need re-evaluation.

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